‘The Boss Baby’ Squeaks By ‘Beauty and the Beast’ At Box Office This Past Weekend

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had been dominating the box office for the last two weeks. There, however, is a new boss in town as The Boss Baby has beaten the beast for the top slot in the box office.

According to Los Angeles Times, the victory was nothing more than a squeaker as The Boss Baby just barely brought in more money than Beauty in the Beast. The CG-animated family comedy did notably pull in more money than it was expected to during its weekend premiere in the U.S. and Canada with an estimated $49 million as the total.

The Boss Baby talking on the phone with brother in the background
‘The Boss Baby’ and his brother [Image by DreamWorks Animation]

Even though The Boss Baby managed to bring in more money at box office than Beauty and the Beast this weekend, it is worth noting that the Disney remake followed closely behind by bringing in $47.5 million at box office for its third weekend in theater. This brings the domestic box office total of Beauty and the Beast to just shy of $400 million and its global box office earning skyrocketing past $875 million.

An orchestra performance during a special screening of Beauty and the Beast
'Beauty and the Beast' [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios]

Los Angeles Times noted the box office prognosticators projected that The Boss Baby would bring in roughly $33 million to box office during opening weekend. The Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s CG-animated family comedy showed everyone who the boss really was when it brought in a $16 million more than what it was projected to. Considering the fact that children all across the United States either are or were recently on spring break and Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only appealing movie currently in theater for children to see anymore, it isn’t all too surprising that The Boss Baby was able to outperform its projection.

As far as whether or not people enjoyed The Boss Baby, the reviews thus far have been pretty mixed. Los Angeles Times, however, reveals that the reviews appear to be slightly more positive than negative and the film received a CinemaScore of A-minus.

“This was a comedic take on a great concept that audiences just gravitated towards,” the 20th Century Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson stated.

“I think Alec Baldwin as the voice of the baby — boom, you’re in. I mean, come on, a baby in a suit with a briefcase!”

The Boss Baby was not the only movie to premiere this weekend Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell also premiered this weekend. While Ghost in the Shell did come in third place at the box office in terms of revenue, it did underperform as it only brought in $19 million.

Ghost in the Shell is a film based off the Japanese sci-fi-action manga that had previously been adapted from the 1995 anime film also titled Ghost in the Shell. The movie, however, received a lot of heavy criticism for whitewashing as it cast Scarlett Johansson as the lead role. The movie had a budget of $110 million and didn’t even get half of what Johansson’s film Lucy did when it debuted.

The Boss Baby also managed to beat out Lionsgate’s Power Rangers which came in fourth place bringing $14.5 million to box off during its second weekend in theater. The $14.5 million marked a drop of 64 percent compared to what it made during its first weekend in box office.

Rounding out the box office in fifth place was Kong: Skull Island which brought in $8.8 million. This brings the domestic total Kong: Skull Island has brought in to $150 million since it first hit theaters.

A couple at a movie theater seeing a movie together
Couple watching a movie together [Image by Syda Productions/ShutterStock]

The superhero film Logan hangs on to sixth place and the horror-satire Get Out ­snagged seventh place. The Zookeeper’s Wife managed to bring in $3.3 million despite a limited release in 541 theaters. This box office earnings was still good enough to put the film in the top ten before its wide opening in more theaters next weekend.

Are you surprised The Boss Baby was able to beat Beauty and the Beast and Ghost in the Shell for first place in the box office this weekend? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section down below.

[Featured Image by DreamWorks Animation]