Lala Kent Hints Religion Could Have Influenced Friendship With Katie Maloney

Lala Kent and Katie Maloney never really got along when they were filming Vanderpump Rules. In fact, you couldn’t find two people who were any more different. When the season started, Lala made comments about Katie’s body, hinting that she had gotten bigger over the summer. She made a comment about someone not working on their summer body and about Katie possibly being pregnant. It seemed like such a bully comment, but Kent has argued that Katie has been rude to her, alongside Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.

According to a new Bravo report, Lala Kent is now revealing that she and Maloney could have been friends if they had just focused on the things they have in common. As it turns out, they are both from Utah, which is a very religious state. Lala and Katie have not talked about their religious beliefs, but they do share the fact that they are not Mormon. And Kent believes that if they could just focus on that fact, they may have been great friends.

Kent recently sat down with Bravo and opened up about her past. Lala rarely talks about her past and her home state of Utah, but she’s learned Katie is also from Utah and that they do have a lot in common. It seems like Lala thinks they could have been great friends if they had just given their friendship an honest shot.

“Last year we had a few moments where we bonded over being from Utah, but obviously that didn’t last. That was not a make or break of the friendship,” Lala Kent told Bravo, sharing that when people aren’t raised Mormon in Utah, you automatically become an outcast.

“It’s so weird. And she also wasn’t raised Mormon, which is the main culture and religion in that state. And so even [the fact] that we’re both raised in a Mormon state and neither of us were raised that way, that right there should bond you. That’s tough being in that environment and you being the outcast,” Kent continued, revealing that she felt like an outcast because she was not a believer.

Katie hasn’t really talked too much about her growing up in Utah, but Lala Kent reveals that she was a part of the creative group, including choir and theater. And Maloney has also been a creative spirit, as she’s launched her own beauty and fashion blog. And yet, these two couldn’t bond over their home state and being part of a creative community.

“It was weird when you would go to school with everyone that was Mormon because they just believe in completely different things. I gravitated towards the people that were in theater class and choir. And the arts were usually for people that weren’t religious in any way just because we have to say certain things that are in scripts and so those are the people that I gravitated towards. Those people also were not raised Mormon,” she revealed, sharing that she never really talked to Mormons. “As much as I want to say that I grew up in a state that was all Mormon people, I didn’t really have much interaction with them.”

Based on how things are going with Lala Kent and Katie now, it sounds like these two won’t become close friends anytime soon – if ever.

What do you think of Lala Kent thinking that she and Katie could have been friends? Do you think that their lack of Mormonism could have brought on a great friendship if they had given it a chance?

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