‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Streaming On Several Platforms – Here’s How You Can Watch The Popular Anime Free

Popular Japanese anime Attack On Titan, based on mangaka Hajime Isayama’s manga Shingeki No Kyojin, is back with its second season. After AOT Season 2 episode 1 aired a couple of days back in Japan, fans of the series across the world have been clamoring to access the series. Fortunately, producers of Attack On Titan anime have been kind enough to make the series available on multiple streaming platforms. While majority of the websites will charge for a simulcast, there are a few ways you can watch all AOT Season 2 episodes for free.

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 premiered on Saturday after a hiatus of almost three years. As expected, Attack On Titan manga readers are aware of what to expect in the anime. However, those who haven’t read the manga weren’t treated to many surprises either. AOT anime Season 2 is expected to closely follow the manga. Unfortunately, the sequel is said to contain merely 12 episodes.

As reported by the Inquisitr earlier, besides FunimationNow, Attack On Titan Season 2 will stream on services like Netflix and Hulu. Recent reports indicate even Crunchyroll will be streaming all AOT episodes. Australia and New Zealand residents can watch the anime on Anime Lab. As expected, all these services will be offering same-day access to Attack On Titan Season 2 episodes. However, given the popularity of AOT, the episodes are restricted to premium members only. Fortunately, those who are willing to wait a little longer and can tolerate advertisements can easily access all the episodes without paying a single cent for the content.


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Fans of anime who do not opt for a paid subscription can still watch all the 12 episodes of AOT for free. VRV, a popular digital platform for accessing content that’s broadcast on television, has a dedicated Crunchyroll channel. Incidentally, VRV also has several other streaming platforms collated on a streamlined system. Viewers will only have to tolerate advertisements within the episodes, which, presumably cannot be skipped. Interestingly, Crunchyroll will also stream all the AOT Season 2 episodes with ads, a week after they are aired. Additionally, Toonami confirmed Attack on Titan Season 2 would be joining the Adult Swim block on April 29.

Surprisingly, Season 2 of Attack On Titan is about half the length of Season 1, a fact that has several fans of the anime quite disappointed. Many viewers were expecting Season 2 of AOT to cover at least two arcs, namely “Clash of the Titans” and “Uprising,” while rumors indicated the sequel could catch up to the manga. However, AOT Season 2 will only have a dozen episodes before it ends. While this is certainly not what the fans desired, it is likely that the makers of AOT might announce Season 3 at the end of Season 2, especially because the popularity of the series refused to fade even after three years.

[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama/Attack On Titan/Funimation]