‘Teen Mom 2’ Chelsea Houska Prepares For Another Family Addition

Chelsea Houska may have just welcomed her second child in January, but already, the Teen Mom 2 star is preparing for yet another addition to her family.

Just over two months after giving birth to son Watson Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska has quit her job in the cosmetology industry and is now focused solely on her husband, her kids — and their pets.

“Getting some practice in with some chickens before we get ours,” Chelsea Houska wrote on Instagram on April 2, along with a photo of her daughter, Aubree, holding a chicken in her arms.

After several weeks of tweeting about the possibility of adding some chickens to their family, Chelsea Houska and her daughter went to visit the birds.

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Chelsea Houska tweeted to fans last month about the idea of getting a few chickens and immediately heard back from her fellow Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra, who encouraged her to go through with the plan.

“DO IT! Nova LOVES our chickens!” Baltierra said of his 2-year-old daughter with Catelynn Lowell, Nova Reign. “They are seriously built in entertainment for kids! Who needs a TV right!?!?”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got married at the end of last year, just months before their first child arrived. Since then, the couple has been living together at their home in South Dakota, which fans have seen frequently on Teen Mom 2.

Although Cole DeBoer is not Aubree’s biological dad (that honor belongs to Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind), he has become quite involved in her life and weeks ago, he attended her father/daughter dance at school.

A short time later, Chelsea Houska took to Twitter, where she gushed at how involved her husband is with her daughter.

“Cole took Aubree to see Matilda the musical while I’m home with Watson. And it’s times like these I am just SO grateful for that ma,” she wrote on March 24. “He has not only been amazing to me, but for Aubree…ugh. I’m so lucky.”

Chelsea Houska then shared a quote directly from her daughter.

“In the words of Aubree, ‘It feels like we’ve just always had Cole.’ He has always treated her as his own [and] I will forever be thankful to him,” she added.

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As Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer prepare to welcome some chickens into their family, some fans are wondering when they will further expand their family — especially considering Houska previously said she would like a big family.

“I feel like I want three more, but everyone always looks at me crazy when I saw that, so maybe I’ll have one more and then we’ll decide exactly how many!” Chelsea Houska revealed to People Magazine last year before revealing her baby news on her blog. “I think I would want a boy somewhere in the mix.”

Now that Chelsea Houska has her boy, there’s no telling when she and Cole DeBoer will further expand their family — at least when speaking of more babies.

Although Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer don’t have any firm plans to have another child, they definitely have their hands full at home, so it’s a good thing that Houska is staying at home. After all, someone needs to tend to the children, dogs, and pig.

To see more of Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer and their growing family, tune into tonight’s Teen Mom 2, which features the Ask the Moms special at 9 p.m., followed by the All the Reasons We Love Teen Mom 2 special at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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