Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss Feud Causes Girl Squad To Collapse Amid Gigi Hadid Drama

Taylor Swift is actively losing quite a lot of her friends, according to a new report.

The singer, who found herself in endless scandals over the summer, is now at war with her former best pal, Karlie Kloss. According to OK! magazine, as cited by Gossip Cop, the duo had a huge falling out just a couple of weeks ago, and things got so heated that the twosome haven't been on speaking terms ever since.

A source for the outlet boldly claims that Karlie's career has been skyrocketing in the past year, having landed herself a huge amount of modeling gigs as of late — the sort of deals Kloss wasn't used to seeing before, it is being alleged.

The magazine insinuates that Taylor Swift tends to be quite controlling when it comes to her friendships, especially with those that have seen a gradual increase in popularity.

While the magazine never mentions any sort of jealousy on Taylor's side, a source does go on to mention that Swift wants everything to be run the way she pleases — and should there be any sort of conflict in her way, she will deal with it accordingly.

But in this case, Karlie Kloss has allegedly made it known that she no longer cares about being in Taylor Swift's squad. She has experienced a tremendous growth with her modeling career in the last year — so much that she couldn't care less about being removed from a squad, with the chances of having Taylor turn her friends on Karlie.

"Karlie's star is rising, and she was getting tired of Taylor micromanaging every aspect of their friendship," a source explains, adding that Kloss has had enough. "She's the sweetest girl you could meet, but she's not going to let Taylor push her around."

The model "tried to discuss her feelings with Taylor, but Tay wasn't having it — and now she's urging their mutual friends to pick sides." It's said to be at a point where Karlie Kloss is no longer acknowledging the feud, knowing that Swift is allegedly trying to turn their friends against her.

"The thing is, girls like Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt are super tight with Karlie, so they're not going to freeze her out. They want to stage a sit-down, but so far no one has had the guts to suggest it to Taylor!"

It was just a month ago when it was alleged by Celeb Dirty Laundry that Taylor Swift has tried to break up Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

A source revealed how the singer didn't like the idea of Hadid spending more time with Zayn than she was with her best friend, adding that the former One Direction star can't stand Swift, having seen how she treated his former bandmate, Harry Styles.

Even then, it was alleged that Taylor Swift was strongly considering the idea of having Gigi allegedly removed from her squad if she didn't end her relationship with Zayn Malik, for her relationship with the solo artist has now occupied all of the model's time.

News of Taylor Swift's squad falling apart comes just months after her label allegedly instructed her to hold off on releasing any new music this year, convinced that the music would've flopped with all the bad publicity the singer has found herself in as of late.

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