Seven Surefire Signs You Are Addicted To April The Giraffe

The fan count for April, the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, is skyrocketing by the day.

The April craze started in February, then turned into March madness, and as of today, millions of viewers are glued to their laptops, PCs, and smartphones, keeping track of what April the giraffe is up to. In short, April has created an adorable army of addicts.

These signs indicate you could probably be addicted to April.

It’s been a while since you slept.
You want to sleep, but you can’t. You are forever anxious about April’s delivery status. You wake up in the middle of the night to check on her. You meticulously scan for any sign of hooves. You’re afraid April might give birth while you’re asleep. Even during those rare occasions when you do fall asleep, you dream about April. You have signed up for April alerts on your mobile.


Every object looks like a giraffe to you.
Anything that’s triangle looks like a giraffe head to you. Be it a pizza slice or a ketchup stain on your table cloth, you see an imagery of a giraffe’s head.

You are an April publicist.
You talk about April to anyone you meet. You tell them it’s a life-changing experience to watch an animal give birth. You almost convince and convert them into an April fan. You simply can’t fathom why some people aren’t excited about April as you are.

You love Jordan, Allysa, Corey and Tim.
You may have never have met them in person, but these people at the Animal Adventure Park have now become a part of your dinner table conversations. You love the way they care for April, Oliver, and the other animals, and you are dying to meet them.

You love giraffe-themed art.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Anything that’s remotely giraffe-centric gets you excited. You are in awe of giraffe art. You’re constantly looking for accessories, T-shirts, and coffee mugs with giraffe pictures on them.


Your family makes fun of you.
Your giraffe addiction is the topic of conversation at home. Your family members make fun of you, but they find your quirk adorable. At times, they pull a fast one of you. When you least expect it, they excitedly shout, “April has given birth,” forcing you to rush back to your laptop.

You’ve made new Facebook friends
Being a giraffe addict, you belong to at least one Facebook group dedicated to April. By discussing updates and other giraffe trivia with other members, you’ve made several friends on Facebook. You keep wondering if April would have a girl or boy. You ask your fellow members to suggest calf names. You often wonder what would happen to the group after April gives birth.