Joy-Anna Duggar Shades Jana Duggar During New Interview

Joy-Anna Duggar is the next girl in line to get married. Her engagement came just a few weeks ago, and now she is in full planning mode for her upcoming wedding. Duggar and Austin Forsyth have known each other for several years now. Some fans have scoffed at the pace they are moving, but both seem to be happy to move forward with their life together and to begin building their own family.

There have been rumors of sibling rivalry among the Duggar girls in recent years. As they grow older, they are getting to be more competitive with how their lives are moving. Joy-Anna Duggar has been following the path of all of her older sisters with courting and marriage — except for Jana. As of now, she is the only adult Duggar daughter who has yet to court anyone.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why, but she hasn’t really commented about her love life other than to confirm that there were courtship offers she declined. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna Duggar threw shade at Jana Duggar about being married. The Duggar girls gave an interview offering dating tips and Joy-Anna definitely threw in a sneak diss when she commented about wanting to be married and a mother in five years.

It seems that Joy-Anna Duggar isn’t afraid to tell anyone how she feels. She has been one of the more vocal Duggar daughters, even reportedly requesting she have more say over her courtship than some of her other sisters were allowed. At this point, Joy-Anna has watched Jill, Jessa, and Jinger court and get married. Two of the three are already mothers, with both having their second child by the end of 2017. There has been some indication that Duggar will be moving away from her parent’s home when she marries Austin Forsyth. It is likely the two will remain in Arkansas but how close is the mystery. Forsyth has been rehabbing homes and flipping them to make money so they couple has a nest egg when they are married sometime this year.

Jana Duggar seems to be the odd sister out when it comes to sibling rivalry. She has gotten into arguments with Jessa Duggar on camera when they were decorating the house for Jill and Derick Dillard to come home to after being in El Salvador. Joy-Anna Duggar has been home with Jana a lot because they are the two oldest daughters left at home, and it looks like she may not be too fond of her sister. Critics have criticized the eldest daughter for remaining at home and avoiding courtship. Joy-Anna jumped into courtship immediately following Jinger Duggar’s engagement and was reportedly courting at her November wedding.

All of the Duggar daughters gave tips during that recent interview. It is a rare event to see any of the family members out in public, let alone giving interviews. Joseph and Josiah Duggar recently spoke out about moments fans wouldn’t see on Counting On, and that was a rare event as well. Joy-Anna Duggar may have not intentionally thrown shade at her oldest sister, but she definitely made it clear she did not want to end up like her.

Jill Duggar started the trend of marrying and leaving the nest, and so far, the girls have been on the heels of each other trying to get away from the Duggar family compound. Rumors circulated that they didn’t want to end up like Jana Duggar, but as more is shown, it looks like they may just want some independence. Joy-Anna Duggar has always just called it like she sees it.

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