Mary Kennedy’s Family Orders Death Probe

Mary Kennedy's Family Orders Death Investigation

The family of Mary Richardson Kennedy isn’t completely convinced she killed herself in May. They have hired a top investigation firm to look into the circumstances surrounding her apparent suicide.

In investigating Mary Kennedy’s death, the firm has focused its probe on her former husband, Robert Kennedy Jr., and also focusing on many “unanswered questions” from sources who were questioned in the months following her suicide, reports The New York Post.

A confidant of Mary’s who was interviewed by family investigators stated:

“It was definitely my impression that they were pursuing a wrongful-death action. They had the same concerns I had about the crime scene.”

RFK Jr. has not been accused of any wrongdoing in his estranged wife’s death. Mary’s family has also not filed a wrongful death suit against him, reports The Daily Mail.

The investigation firm focused on a few details about the crime scene, like whether Mary Kennedy would have known how to tie the nautical knot used for the noose, or how she was able to climb up to the 12-foot beam she used to hang herself in her garage.

Sources close to the case have said that she did not own a metal ladder to help herself up, but it is possible she climbed three boxes that were found near her body.

Investigators are also looking to see if there are receipts for the rope Mary used to hang herself. The most interesting part of the report involves “establishing Bobby’s activities and whereabouts in the days preceding Mary’s death.”

Do you think that Mary Kennedy’s death was a suicide, or could someone else have been responsible?