Leah Messer Teaches Daughters Powerful Lesson: Doesn’t Want Them Following In Her Footsteps?

Leah Messer has turned her life around over the past couple of years. While filming Teen Mom 2 a few years ago, she was dealing with stress and anxiety, and she started taking some medications to help her deal with the pain and emotions. However, the pills were a bit strong, and Leah would fall asleep while filming Teen Mom 2. Some people assumed that she was taking pills that were insanely strong and others worried about her three children. Her ex-husband, Corey Simms, even filed for custody of the twins because he was concerned about their safety.

According to a new Instagram, Leah Messer is now revealing that her girls need to live their standard and maybe she doesn’t want them to follow in her footsteps. It’s no secret that Messer may have made some mistakes. For a while, she was a single mother to twins and trying to finish school. Plus, she is now in her early 20s, and she has been married twice and has three children. She also has two divorces behind her. Maybe she doesn’t want her daughters to follow her path.

“Always believe in yourself when you do anything,” read a picture that Leah Messer shared on Instagram, and Messer shared her own thoughts, writing, “#ProudMommyMoment #LiveYourStandard #AlwaysBelieveInYourself #SooCute.”

And it sounds like her followers agree with her. They want her daughters to put their drive and determination into whatever they end up doing, and it’s possible that Leah Messer will do anything to avoid them becoming teen mothers like she was. Messer is now thinking about going back to school, as her two oldest daughters are starting school as well.

“Believing in yourself and you will have no limits. Wish you much success in all that you do,” one person wrote to Leah Messer’s lesson to her daughters, while another added, “Definitely! Anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it. #GoYourOwnWay.”

“Old ways won’t open new doors,” another person chimed in, sharing Leah’s sentiment that doing the same thing all the time won’t get new results and that the girls should do whatever they want to do and live their standards.

While Leah Messer never specifically talked about teenage pregnancies, it is possible that she wants her girls to follow their passions – and avoid getting pregnant at 16 like she did. She has previously revealed that she would avoid the pregnancy if she could do things all over again. Maybe it was a bit too hard and draining on her to raise two twin girls partially on her own, as her marriage to Corey fell apart. And it’s possible she is trying to heal, as she’s been sharing some motivational quotes lately.

“If you want different results, you must change your methods as well as your mindset. Your ways only become old when they haven’t been working. Anything that is effective will always bring fresh opportunities. In order to accomplish or attain something you’ve never had, you must be willing to figure out what isn’t serving you and try something new. Look at your life. Ask yourself what is stale? What is holding you back from opening new doors? Release yourself from any hindrances and accept the invitation to live a life of abundance. There are doors waiting to be unlocked. Beautiful doors with incredible experiences and blessings. If the key doesn’t fit don’t force it. Let life work for you, not against you. Let go of resistance and practice the art of allowance,” read one quote that Leah Messer has shared before about changing her attitude.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s advice to her daughters? Do you think they will follow her guidance and skip out on the teen pregnancies?

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