‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans’ Kids In Danger In Their New Home? Not So Fast…

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has moved into her brand new home, and she seems very excited about what the future will bring. Jenelle is engaged, and she is planning her wedding to David Eason. Plus, she’s loving her new role as a mother to a baby girl, as her family continues to grow. And while Jenelle is trying to get Jace back in her care, she recently learned that she and David would be getting custody of his daughter and she would be moving into their home.

And with so many children in the new home, some fans are worried about their safety. As it turns out, there are snakes in the area. Of course, most snakes are not dangerous, but there are copperheads and rattlesnakes in her area. But as it turns out, Evans is prepared.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s prepared for all of these children in her home, especially when they go play outside. Evans purchased the home because she wanted to give the children more space to play and she wanted to get a secluded home. For a while, Evans had to deal with fans, who would randomly show up at her home and address her troubles.

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans shared pictures of her home and people were surprised at how beautiful it was. Thanks to the pictures, Jenelle started getting questions about the manufacturer and people wanted to know what company she used for her home. As she has previously explained, Evans and David brought a modular home, which was built off-site and then relocated to their land. So, what advice does she have for new buyers?

“Make sure to do a perk soil test before buying the land to make sure you can build on it! Try to go with well water too, no water bill,” Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans tweeted to some fans, revealing that she was doing whatever possible to save some money, which had one person question her about snakes, writing, “Jenelle my hub lived in Jacksonville woods, said copperheads/rattlers everywhere. Do u worry bout kids playing, I saw your snake pic.”

However, David and Jenelle have already talked to their children about the issue of snakes in the area. One can imagine that Kaiser and Jace will run around on the property when Jace comes to visit on the weekends, and the last thing she would want to deal with is a child being attacked by a snake.

“No our kids know not to go by snakes. We told them about the danger of them and the consequences of bites,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that she has already talked to her children about the snakes and they know to just leave them alone.

Instead of worrying about the snakes in nature, Evans is currently fighting her mother in court over the legal custody of Jace. Jenelle Evans has revealed that she wants to get Jace back and she’s ready to fight her own mother in court to get him back. As it turns out, her mother is dragging her through court because she doesn’t want to give him up. It’s possible that Evans will have to deal with this custody issue for a long time to come, as it has taken her two years to get a court date and get in front of a judge.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans educating her children about snakes? Are you surprised that Evans brought a property that’s probably packed with snakes?

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]