Rocky Almestica, Laisha Landrum: Florida Teen Left For Dead In Garbage After Boom Box Beating, ‘For My Woman’

The Rocky Almestica and Laisha Landrum case will be profiled on TV One’s For My Woman tonight. It will highlight the gruesome boombox beating death of Emily Ann Clemons, a 16-year-old teen. Both Rocky and Laisha were 16-years-old at the time of the savage murder. Authorities say that Rocky Almestica, the father of Emily Clemons’ baby, and his jealous girlfriend, Laisha Landrum, killed Clemons 13 years ago in a Tampa, Florida, apartment. Telling the story on For My Woman’s documentary will be Florida investigators and people who knew both the victim and the killers.


On For My Man

A teenage boy has his hands full with two teen girls: an ex-girlfriend and a current one. The love triangle turns deadly when one of the girls allows jealousy to drive them to murder.

June 2004: Tampa, Florida, Teen’s Body Found Dumped In Garbage Can

Police were called to the scene at the Amaretto Apartment complex on North 22nd street. Neighbors had reported hearing banging sounds coming from the trash dumpster at the complex. Police peeked in and found the body of 16-year-old Emily Ann Clemons. Inside the dumpster police also found a large radio boom box by her side. Emily Clemons was still clinging to life and was transported to the hospital, where she later died.

Investigators say that the noises residents heard was Emily Clemons beating on the walls inside the dumpster to get attention. It is also alleged that sounds were coming from the radio.

Days later, police were directed to Rocky Almestica, who was dating Emily Clemons. Detectives learned that Rocky Almestica was also seeing another teen girl named Laisha Landrum, with whom he had a small child.

Teen Love Triangle Leads To Murder

The case was blown wide open after a witness told police that he was asked to help Laisha Landrum and Rocky Almestica hide the body. The witness also stated that he had seen the victim’s twitching body on the floor as she was struggling to live, court records show.

Autopsy reports confirmed that Emily Clemons was bludgeoned to death in the head with several heavy objects. Police later learned that those objects included a boom box radio, a hammer, and kitchen pots.

The crime was so heinous and so brutal that it was obvious that the killers had a lot of hate and anger inside of them. It is alleged that Laisha Landrum wielded the death blows.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Emily Clemons was last seen getting on the bus heading to the local mall, her mother stated. Instead, she went to Almestica’s apartment, where he was staying. There, she encountered Laisha, who later became so enraged that she killed her. People who knew Clemons said that she was living with her mother and son at another apartment complex.


Lives Destroyed

A lover of dogs and poetry, Emily enjoyed talking with her friends and was full of life, according to articles found at Murderpedia. But all of that was taken away from her by hatred and envy. On For My Woman, viewers will learn more about what motivated the crime.

Laisha Latae Landrum and Rocky Almestica were both sentenced to life in prison. At trial, Laisha Landrum’s mother and father pleaded with the court not to put their daughter to death. They also apologized to Emily Clemons’ family.

Though the Landrums apologized for what their daughter did, Emily Clemons’ mother, Donna, didn’t seem too forgiving, stating only that she couldn’t understand that level of hate and anger in teens and that she misses her daughter very much, Forgotten Victims reported.

A look at Laisha Landrum might have given a clue that something was wrong. According to prison records, Laisha Landrum had more than 20 tattoos. And although tattoos are not bad in themselves, the type of tattoos that Laisha adorned were very telling.

  • Two of her them–one on her back–and one on her neck–read: “heartless.”
  • Another tattoo had a picture of matches with flames coming from them, which could have suggested an obsession or liking for fire.
  • The name “Gotti,” most likely in reference to the ruthless Italian-American gangster, was also among Laisha Landrum’s many tattoos.

For My Woman airs at 10/9 p.m. Central every Monday evening on TV One. In a previous For My Woman episode on TV One, the case of Dondre Johnson was investigated.

[Featured Image by Florida Department Of Corrections]