WWE News: Goldberg May Be Retiring Now?

As we all saw during last night’s WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to become the new Universal Champion — and, unfortunately, this came as no surprise to anyone, thanks to previous WWE news reports about Goldberg being “absolutely miserable” with his return to the WWE. (Sorry, did anyone force him to come back in the first place?)

So, now that Lesnar has the belt that Goldberg won in 90 seconds or less, will Goldberg now hang up his boots for good? Or will he continue to fight in matches that do nothing but tarnish his legacy, and make him even more unhappy than he was before?

According to the latest WWE news report from Heavy, the original plan of the company’s was to have Goldberg fight one — and only one — match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. And after that match, Goldberg would go back into retirement. However, when Goldberg extended his contract with the WWE, the move was unexpected (to say the least), and the company didn’t know what to do with him regarding a story line. Now, however, that he stayed all the way up to WrestleMania — and a rather lackluster, and predictable, match between himself and Lesnar that cost him the Universal title, there’s some talk that he won’t be with the company much longer — that he’ll go back into retirement and live out the rest of his days as a retired wrestler.

However, according to the latest WWE news report from Metro, Goldberg doesn’t want to retire quite yet. The outlet spoke to the former champion, and he suggested that he would be open to a new story line that features him fighting someone other than Brock Lesnar.

“After two quickfire wins against The Beast, Goldberg’s third attempt at a spear as soon as the bell rang was well scouted by Lesnar, who countered with a German suplex. Despite spearing Lesnar through the barricade on the outside of the ring, Goldberg was eventually beaten with an F5 inside five minutes.”

Goldberg is also now back in the gym, training heavily for the next round of matches.

Finally, the latest WWE news report from the Jacksonville Free Press suggests that Goldberg has needed to retire for the longest time, and that’s not only for his benefit but for the benefit of Lesnar’s future with the company.

Lesnar, at this point, is only known for his fights with Goldberg, and he needs to switch things up a little bit if he doesn’t want to get boring.

“The rumor is Goldberg is gone after WrestleMania, and if so, he will drop the title to Lesnar. The thing is, Lesnar doesn’t really need the win or rub like other wrestlers in the company, so Goldberg could win the match like he has been doing against Lesnar and still “go out on his back” with Braun Strowman coming to the ring and destroying him. This way, Goldberg retires as champ, and Strowman gets a major push for ending his career.”

It should be interesting to see how the WWE develops the Brock Lesnar storyline in the future, now that it doesn’t seem like he will be fighting Goldberg again in the future.

So, wrestling fans, now it’s your turn: what do you think of this latest round of WWE news reports? Do you think that Goldberg should retire, now that he lost the Universal Championship?

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