Kathryn Dennis Completes Rehab Stint, Faces Custody Drama Amid ‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 [Video]

Kathryn Dennis and the cast of Southern Charm returns to Bravo tonight for Season 4 and during a new sneak peek, Dennis is seen returning to Charleston after a short stay in a California rehab facility.

According to a new report, Kathryn Dennis surprises her co-star Craig Conover, her last remaining ally on the series, with a phone call in which she informs him of her return to Charleston and promises future changes.

“I’m back in Charleston officially,” Kathryn Dennis tells her co-stars, according to a report by People Magazine on April 3. “I’m trying to get my life back on track, you know, do the right thing, make the right choices, all that good stuff.”

Earlier this year, as production continued on the fourth season of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis reportedly suffered a major custody blow when her former boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, was granted with full custody of their children, 3-year-old Kensington Calhoun and 1-year-old Saint Julien.

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“I haven’t talked to [Kathryn Dennis] in months. But I mean, look: Kathryn has some issues, she’s dealing with some s*** right now. Last I heard she was out in California, a rehab center somewhere,” Conover says in response to the call.

Conover went on to say that despite their civil relationship in seasons past, he was hesitant to allow her back into the group due to the intense drama she’s been involved with.

“I’m really, really glad to hear [Kathryn Dennis] done so well, but I’ll be honest: my life’s a lot easier without Kathryn in it because when she’s in it, things get complicated really, really quick,” he explains.

In June of last year, as reported by All About the Tea, Kathryn Dennis allegedly tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, and opiates during a custody hearing with Thomas Ravenel.

“Thomas quit drinking 6 months ago and has completely changed his life to be in a solid position to parent his kids,” a source revealed to the outlet at the time. “[He] only wants what’s best for his kids. He is ver concerned about Kathryn’s addiction and has offered to fund a stint in rehab.”

Weeks later, Kathryn Dennis reportedly entered a treatment center in Southern California and seemingly confirmed her whereabouts with several photos of herself in Malibu on her Instagram page. As for whether or not Ravenel paid for the stint, that was never confirmed.

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While the current custody arrangement between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel has not been confirmed by Dennis herself, Ravenel took to Twitter in February to declare he had been granted full custody. At the same time, in a since-deleted tweet, Ravenel said his children’s mother had not been given any visitation rights.

That said, Kathryn Dennis has seen her children numerous times since reportedly failing her drug test last year.

Two weeks ago, Kathryn Dennis seemed to post a new video of her daughter attending a ballet class. Before that, she hadn’t shared any new photos of her children with her fans and followers for over a month, and when it came time to celebrate her daughter’s third birthday last month, she didn’t appear to be with her. Instead, she shared a throwback photo of her daughter on Instagram as her former boyfriend confirmed he and the child were enjoying family time in California.

To see more of Kathryn Dennis and her co-stars, tune into tonight’s new episode of Southern Charm Season 4. The new season premieres tonight, Monday, April 3, at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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