NSA-CIA Whistleblower: Obama’s Spymasters ‘Wiretapped’ Trump, Comey Buried The Evidence

An NSA-CIA whistleblower has accused FBI Director James Comey of covering up a massive “wiretapping” program conducted by the Obama administration and targeted at Trump, his family, close aides, and several other top officials, politicians, and business figures in the country.

According to Dennis Montgomery, 63, and his attorney, FreedomWatch chairman Larry Klayman, Comey is sitting on damning evidence of an extensive illegal spying program under the Obama administration. The alleged evidence was obtained from 47 NSA and CIA hard drives that Montgomery claimed he turned over to the FBI. He obtained the drives while he worked as a contractor with the intelligence agencies.

Klayman claims that Comey has sat on the evidence for two years since Montgomery turned the files over to the FBI.

“Those documents have been buried in (FBI Director James) Comey’s files for two years, now,” Klayman told Radar Online. “He refuses to publicly acknowledge them.”

Montgomery’s relationship with the U.S. spy agencies began after the 9/11 attacks when the CIA approached him and asked him to develop a new software that is able to decipher signals that Osama bin Laden was sending to his men through Al Jazeera video broadcasts.

After working for some years with the CIA and the NSA, he walked out on the agencies, taking with him 47 hard drives containing 600 million-plus documents. Many of the files were classified documents.

He then tried to come forward legally as a whistleblower and present to appropriate U.S. agencies evidence contained in the hard drives that U.S. spy agencies had been involved for years in sinister “Orwellian” spy programs that allowed the government to collect information about citizens that could be used to blackmail them.

“It makes Watergate look like a warm-up act,” said Klayman. “The point was to gather information to use for their own nefarious purposes. Blackmail. Coercion. Persuasion.”

But when Montgomery found that he was unable to convince anyone to look at the evidence he had obtained, he approached Klayman, who helped him through the U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth to arrange meetings in 2015 with the FBI.

He met with FBI agents after Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis granted him immunity from prosecution and turned over the 47 hard drives containing millions of pages of files, according to the blog Zero Hedge. He also attended a videotaped interview with special FBI agents, during which he supplied details of the alleged illegal surveillance program under the Obama administration.

Radar Online claims that it has seen the documents and that they support President Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama’s spooks “wiretapped” Trump during the 2016 general election period. The documents prove that the FBI has been aware for at least two years of the existence of an extensive illegal surveillance program conducted by spy agencies under the Obama administration, according to Radar Online.

But when Comey testified before Nune’s House Intelligence Committee on March 20, he refused to acknowledge it.

Montgomery and his attorney claim that besides Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, other people caught up in the illegal spying by the Obama administration include several top politicians, businessmen, and U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

The list of targets allegedly includes Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court, along with other colleagues such Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and more than 150 other judges. Other alleged targets include Senator Rand Paul and several businessmen.

Major corporations allegedly targeted under the Obama administration include Target, Siemens, and YUM Brands, which owns Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Radar Online claimed that all the companies targeted under the illegal surveillance were Trump supporters and Republican donors. According to the website, the documents give proof of clandestine spy programs conducted on behalf of the Obama administration by the FBI’s Comey, the NSA’s Michel Rogers, the CIA’s John Brennan, and finally James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence.

As part of efforts to expose the alleged cover-up of information about an illegal spying program under the Obama administration, on March 21, 2017, Klayman wrote a letter to the House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, requesting the committee to look at evidence that Montgomery submitted under oath to the FBI.

The letter also requested that Montgomery be allowed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee and present proof that the Obama administration indeed wiretapped Trump and his campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign and election period.

The letter requested further that Comey be questioned under oath to explain why the FBI has buried the evidence of a spy program under Obama.

However, according to Montgomery and his attorney Larry Klayman, the intelligence committee has done nothing to address the issue and it appears there is a deliberately orchestrated conspiracy of silence over the matter.

“And, that is where it stands today. The big question: will House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes do his job and hold FBI Director Comey’s feet to the fire about the Montgomery investigation?”

The new allegations come after the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), said he saw intelligence reports which confirmed that Trump and his aides were swept up in surveillance conducted under the Obama administration.

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