Donald Trump’s Children Hold Intervention, Tell Father To Stop Anti-Obama Rhetoric

donald trump and kids

Donald Trump has laughed off the half million people who have signed a petition to get his products out of Macy’s but maybe he’ll listen to his three children. Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka reportedly had a little intervention with their father this week in an attempt to get their father to stop with all the Obama bashing.

Trump, who continuously tried to push the birther movement back into the spotlight, frequently criticizes the president on Twitter. The NY Daily News reports that his three children met with the real estate mogul at his Fifth Avenue office this weekend in order to persuade their father to ease off his anti-Obama rhetoric.

A source told the NY Daily News:

“The three of them met and went to see their dad in his Fifth Ave. office. They showed a lot of respect, but told him he’s worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he’s always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much. They told him you can’t throw this all away on this nonsense.”

Trump’s representative denied the report, saying that Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka respect their father’s use of “free speech.”

The rep said: “They would never ever do that. It never happened. It’s simply untrue.”

Are you a fan of Donald Trump? Do you think his anti-Obama rhetoric hurts his brand?