’13 Reasons Why’ Delivers Shocking Ending: Will There Be A Season 2 On Netflix?

13 Reasons Why has become one of Netflix’s most binge-worthy shows. The drama about a teenage girl’s suicide, and the reasons she decided to take her own life, is based on the book by the same name. However, the series took a very big turn away from Jay Asher’s beloved novel and opened the door for a Season 2 of the series.

According to TV Guide, the 13 Reasons Why ending has many twists and turns. While the book ends with the lead character, Clay Jensen, passing on Hannah Baker’s suicide confession tapes to the next person on the list, the show took a more dramatic turn. Upon hearing that his classmate, Bryce, had raped by Hannah and her friend Jessica, Clay decided to take action. Clay confronts Bryce at his home and records him confessing to the sexual assault, which becomes tape number 14. Clay then skips over giving Bryce the tapes, and heads straight to the last person on the list, the school’s guidance counselor, Mr. Porter. It was revealed that Mr. Porter, along with many others, had failed Hannah during the last days of her life, and he was just one of the many reasons why Hannah sadly decided to commit suicide.

However, the 13 Reasons Why finale seems to have left fans with more questions than answers. Viewers never got to find out if Bryce will be brought to justice for raping Jessica and Hannah, not to mention how the rest of the characters lives played out.

Justin and Jessica have broken up after she found out that he knew Bryce had raped her, and that he let it happen. Jessica finally decided to tell her father about the assault in the final episode. Meanwhile, Justin’s drug addicted mother had kicked him out of the house, and he had nowhere left to go.

13 Reasons Why also hinted in the final episode that Tyler, who had been put on Hannah’s tapes for stalking her and taking inappropriate photos of her, may be planning a school shooting. Tyler had an arsenal of guns hidden in his room and seemed to have a photo line up of who his victims should be, which included all the people on Hannah’s tapes, even Clay. However, after remembering how Alex had stuck up for him at school, he takes his photo down.

Sadly, it seems Alex has much bigger problems. It was revealed in the 13 Reasons Why finale that Alex had also attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head. However, he was still alive and in critical condition at the hospital. Did Alex try to kill himself, or could Tyler have gotten to him first?

Meanwhile, Sheri has turned herself in for her involvement in the accident that killed her fellow classmate, Jeff. Will she go to jail for her poor judgment, and covering up the truth?

The unanswered questions, and the straying of the original novel’s ending, could be setting 13 Reasons Why up for a dramatic second season at Netflix. If the show were to get picked up for another season, the storyline could follow Courtney coming out as gay, Bryce facing rape charges, Alex’s suicide attempt, Tyler’s possible school shooting, Sheri’s fate, and Justin’s future. The show could also explore the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide more in depth from other character’s perspectives, and possibly also add Skye into the mix, as it’s already been revealed she’s attempted to kill herself in the past as well. Perhaps Clay would focus on not making the same mistakes with Skye as he did with Hannah.

What did you think of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why? Should be a Season 2?

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