Is John Cena’s Proposal To Nikki Bella Scripted?

John Cena finally proposed to Nikki Bella and did it the way any WWE star would. John proposed to Nikki during WrestleMania 33 and surprised both Nikki and her twin Brie Bella.

The fake proposal of John Cena to Nikki Bella says Brie Bella

Brie seemed genuinely happy for her sister and released a video saying that this was exactly what Nikki had wanted for the longest time. Brie Bella part of the Bella Twins felt like the two were already married, and she said that she had heard rumors about the planned proposal but thought that it would have taken place in private rather than in a public way.

She joked that she would question why she wasn’t there, however, she said that she was very excited and happy for her twin.

The question, however, is if the proposal is real or whether it’s fake. As many know WWE is scripted and a lot of the characters on the show have storylines that keep their fans attached to watching it. The show has had fake weddings and even a fake death on it.

The world of wrestling is purely entertainment, therefore, it wouldn’t really be much of a surprise if the two were indeed doing something that was part of a script or if they were already engaged and were simply waiting for the right moment to come alone.

Life imitates art

While some speculate as to whether John Cena and Nikki Bella are actually engaged or pulling a stunt, there are other WWE wrestlers who have actually fallen in love in real life.

Some actually had wild storylines like the Undertaker forcing Stephanie McMahon to marry him. Stephanie, the daughter of WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, continued on to have another fake relationship with Hunter Hearst Helmsley better known as Triple H. On stage, the two had a long-scripted relationship, even a wedding to Test in which triple H eventually ruined. Triple H and Stephanie have had a crazy relationship on the show and would get married then divorced then have random fights.

The two did, however, have an off-screen relationship and eventually got married, and now have three daughters together. Stephanie changed her surname to Triple H’s while retaining her popular surname as her middle name.

Fake Love?

The fake proposal rumors obviously have come from a pace whereby fans are used to the twists and turns of WWE scripts. After Brie Bella said how happy she was and that his parents were actually in the audience, there’s the possibility that the two may have actually become engaged in real life.

John Cena Proposal To Nikki Bella Scripted

The engagement could have been for ratings rather than for love as the two may have already been engaged. This may have slipped when Brie said that she couldn’t believe her sister was engaged only for reassurance that her sister looked genuinely surprised by the proposal.

Nikki would insist on getting married but Cena would say that he wouldn’t want to get married as he knew that she wanted children while he did not want any.

This relationship ended up being made fun of by The Miz and Maryse. The two made videos making fun of the newly engaged couple. They made fun of how much Nikki had wanted to get married. John Cena and Nikki did find the videos funny. However, John didn’t hold his feelings back either. The wrestling star congratulated The Miz for doing his best work and then went for Maryse and congratulated her as well for finally doing work. The two couples are feuding, and it’s quite common for them to talk back at each other with a variety of comments and insults.

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