‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale: Who Died & Who Betrayed Rick?

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale aired on Sunday night, and Rick’s group has officially declared war. During the episode, fans watched as Rick’s people, as well as The Kingdom and The Hilltop, prepared for a fight against Negan and The Saviors.

According to TV Line, WThe Walking Dead Season 7 finale was full of action. The show started with Sasha isolated inside a dark place listening to music through headphones. Sasha seems calm and unsteady at the same time. Flashbacks reveal that Negan is ready to see Rick face to face and wants Eugene and Sasha at the meeting. Sasha is then seen getting into a casket to head over to Alexandria.

Rick is ready for the life or death encounter as his group and the people who live in the junkyard are together inside the walls of Alexandria with all the guns they’ve gathered waiting for his arrival. The group even rig a truck with explosives in hopes of killing some of The Saviors. However, it’s Eugene who comes out first, begging his former group to get on board with Negan’s way of life in hopes of saving anyone from being killed. When Eugene utters the phrase, “I am Negan,” Rick seems to think he’s a lost cause and gives Rosita the signal to activate the bombs. However, when she pushes the button, nothing happens.

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale: Negan is ready for war.
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The Walking Dead fans then see Jadis and the people from the junkyard turn their weapons on Rick and his group as the Alexandrians begin to realize they’ve been double-crossed. When Rick points out that they had a deal, Jadis then reveals that Negan made her a better offer. Negan then tells Rick that if he gives them all of the guns and chooses a person to be killed by Lucille, he’ll hand Sasha back over and that will be the end of things. Rick asks to see Sasha before agreeing. Flashbacks reveal that Sasha had taken the suicide pill Eugene had given her and had a vision of her lost love, Abraham, before dying.

When Negan opens the coffin, walker Sasha emerges and attempts to bite him. Carl takes the distraction as an opportunity to kill some of the junkyard group and the rest of the Alexandrians follow suit. Sasha kills one of The Saviors before Negan and his group get inside. As bullets are flying, Jadis shoots Rick in the hip and brings him to Negan, who now has Carl. Negan tells Rick that he is going to kill Carl with Lucille and then take Rick’s hands. Rick promises that no matter what he does that he will kill Negan. Negan lifts his bat to deliver a blow to Carl when out of nowhere, King Ezekiel’s tiger, Shiva, saves the day. The people from Carol, Morgan, and The Kingdom as well as Maggie and The Hilltop fighters arrive in the nick of time and help drive the enemies from Alexandria.

The Walking Dead: Sasha dies
Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead viewers then see Rick’s group and their new extended family come together, knowing that the war with Negan has only just begun. Negan returns to The Sanctuary and tells The Saviors that they’re going to war with the groups.


Later, Maggie is seen leading as she clutches the pocket watch that her father, Hershel, had given to Glenn. It seems Maggie is a born leader, and now she’s ready to take control of The Hilltop and stop Negan and The Saviors’ reign of terror once and for all.

What did you think of The Walking Dead Season 7 finale? Were you sad to see Sasha die?

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