Kathie Lee Gifford Has A Normal Day, Acts Inappropriately At Her Own Broadway Show

Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford is slowly proving that she doesn’t need her Today partner in crime Hoda Kotb, to act like an embarrassing mother crashing a tween sleepover. In the past, it was believed that pinot enthusiast Gifford needed Today’s Kotb to feed off of. While several episodes of Today saw Gifford dropping puppies, and talking about penises, it appears that she has taken her bizarre behavior to the next level by acting inappropriately at her own Broadway show.

According to a few gossip sites, Gifford showed up drunk as a skunk during rehearsals for her show Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson. If you can’t say that title without tripping over your own words, don’t feel too bad, because chances are, Kathie Lee Gifford probably can’t say it either.

An account from an unnamed source saw Gifford “laughing maniacally” during show previews, saying:

“She sat in the audience, alone, laughing like crazy at lines no one else was, clapping like crazy when others were not so loud, and posing for photos for anyone who asked during intermission.”

Of course her maniacal display could be chalked up to the terrible reviews her show has been receiving. While some people have said that Kathie Lee has “micromanaged” her play into a “bloated oblivion,” some critics have come forward to say the length of the play is too long. Scandalous is said to be about an evangelist media superstar in the 1920s, where Hollywood and holiness collided. According to the NY Daily News, a source reveals, “It’s still too long, and she barely allowed cuts. If she had left it at over three hours, it would have cost many thousands in overtime every week. She finally conceded.”

According to Gifford’s rep, who has not yet commented on Kathie Lee Gifford’s inappropriate behavior during previews, or in life in general, has said:

“Kathie Lee was actually VERY open to making changes and cuts throughout the rehearsal and preview process. Tthe entire production team [Kathie Lee included] knew that the show was overly long, and they were all eager to work ­together to fix that.”