Retailers slashing price of PSP Go in UK ... a week after launch

Chris Greenhough

Sony's PSP Go hardware hit stores on October 1st. Only one week on, and a number of major UK retailers have initiated a price cut.

Amazon UK, Game, Gamestation, and HMV have all dropped the launch price of £224.99 to £199.99, a worrying sign for Sony's updated, UMD-less handheld. As if this wasn't already a clue, UK online retailer ShopTo has revealed to 1UP that opening week sales have been slow.

Not all retailers have followed suit yet - Zavvi and, for instance, have maintained the original price. However, with major competitors already taking scissors to the £224.99 price tag, I'd expect others to follow soon.

The relationship between PSP Go and retailers has been uneasy so far, with many stores criticizing the handheld's lack of a disk drive, and some even refusing to stock the hardware. Because all PSP Go games are digital downloads, retailers are set to lose out on revenue from software, where fatter profit margins usually lie.

[Via GameSpot]