Hugh Jackman Saved Zac Efron’s Life On The Set Of ‘The Greatest Showman’

Hugh Jackman has consistently played superhero Wolverine in nine major films, and now he proved that isn’t only a do-gooder on-screen, but in real life too. On the set of his latest project, Jackman saved co-star Zac Efron from a fire during production.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Zac Efron revealed that Jackman saved him from a fire that grew out of control while they were filming The Greatest Showman. Apparently, the pyrotechnics got “a little too hot” according to the High School Musical star.

“We burst out of the building. It looked great on camera. We didn’t know it [during the stunt], but it was pretty intense. I watched playback, and he saved me from a burning building. It later exploded that night. It was a set, but it later burned down.”

The report claims that the incident that put the star-studded cast in hot danger happened a month ago and fortunately no one got severely injured. Jackman and Efron already completed their scene when a fire began combusting on set.

The Greatest Showman scene they were filming involved Hugh Jackman’s character carrying out his assistant Philip, played by Efron, out of a fiery house. The burning building scene was not something the cast and crew planned to leave to post-production effects, instead, they went for a very real fire-engulfed building. Little did they know that the pyrotechnics would grow uncontrolled, which resulted in Jackman revealing his true colors as a real life superhero.

The 29-year-old actor later added jokingly “Hugh Jackman saving you from a burning building? It’s every girl’s dream,” as per The Hollywood Reporter. While Jackman also had a little something up his sleeve to tease the younger actor. On February, MTV News caught Jackman during the New York premiere of Logan, and the Wolverine actor jokingly stated that Zac Efron was “heavier than he looks.”

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams were spotted on Saturday clad in their skillfully-crafted 19th-century costumes. Apparently, the stars were shooting The Greatest Showman in New York, a film that follows the life of PT Barnum, a circus owner in the mid-1800s.

The Daily Mail reports that the Logan star was seen clad in a theatrical looking top hat matched with a red tailcoat. The PT Barnum actor was accompanied by his onscreen family, including Michelle Williams who plays Charity Barnum.

Williams flaunted a berry colored cape adorned with a fur collar while surrounded by their beautiful onscreen daughters who donned red and blue coats to match Jackman and Williams. The scene paints a rather vivid picture of what fans can expect from Jackman’s upcoming film.

Also, Jackman revealed a few details about The Greatest Showman film at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Friday. The actor expressed that the upcoming movie is a celebration of “creativity and what is unique about each and every one of us. Moreover, Jackman also revealed that the film had taken seven years to craft into reality.

The Greatest Showman is turning out to be a rather whimsical treat to look forward to this Christmas, given its magical theme and star-studded cast. The upcoming musical drama is directed by Michael Gracey and written by Michael Arndt, Jenny Bicks, and Bill Condon.

While the premiere date for The Greatest Showman is still several months away, fans can look forward to a summer flick that is just around the corner. Zac Efron’s upcoming film Baywatch is slated to hit the theaters on June 1, 2017, and promises a few surprise appearances to pay homage to the original. Apparently, Baywatch veterans including Pam Anderson and David Hasselhoff are expected to grace the upcoming move with their presence.

[Featured Image By Lee Jin-man/AP Images]