Doris Day Finds Out She’s 95-Years-Old In Birthday Shocker

Doris Day just aged two years. The legendary actress, who has long believed her birthdate was April 3, 1924, found out she was actually born in 1922, which means she turns 95-years-old this year. The Associated Press obtained a copy of Day’s birth certificate from Ohio’s Office of Vital Statistics, which reveals that the future Doris Day was born in Cincinnati on April 3, 1922, to Alma and William Kappelhoff.

“I’ve always said that age is just a number and I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it’s great to finally know how old I really am!” Doris Day said in a statement after she got the news.


Day’s spokesman Charley Cullen Walters admitted that even the Pillow Talk star herself has long wondered about her year of birth.

“There has long been speculation and rumors about Doris’ age and we get this question a lot, looks like we finally have the answer,” Day’s spokesman said. “The story I have heard the most is that at one point Doris was up for a role when quite young and her age may have been miswritten on the audition form. We don’t know if that’s correct, but if so it could’ve simply stuck for all these years.”

Doris Day and her good friend Betty White have long joked about their now-incorrect two-year age difference (White is also 95), but now they both celebrate a milestone birthday in 2017.

In honor of Doris’s Day’s 95th birthday, fans and friends took to Twitter to wish the star a happy day, including 93-year-old actress Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show) and Star Trek alum William Shatner and longtime pal Tony Bennett.


Last year, Day told People magazine she’s not big on birthdays anymore—and this is when she thought she was only turning 92!

“I’m not really fond of birthdays anymore,” Doris said. “Age is just a number. How you feel and live your life is more important.”

Day, a lifelong animal lover, spent her last birthday surrounded by few very close friends and her beloved pets, while the Doris Day Animal Foundation hosted a big celebration and fundraiser in her honor.

Day also told People that one of her biggest secrets to longevity is to have her friends and pets around her— and to laugh.

“I love to laugh. It’s the only way to live,” Doris revealed. “Enjoy each day – it’s not coming back again!”

Doris, who lost her only child, Terry Melcher, in 2004, sadly revealed that almost everybody she loves is in heaven now.


Last year, Doris told Closer Weekly she tries to live her life with a positive attitude.

“You have to stay positive,” Day said. “Whatever will happen, will happen. I’m lucky. I’ve been blessed with good health. It’s important to stay active. I like to walk with my doggies.”

While Doris celebrated her last birthday with close friends and her favorite vegetarian Chinese food and birthday cake, she reiterated that she has “never paid much attention” to her age.

Day also said that while she has no regrets about her life (she quit show business in 1973), she sometimes wonders about what could have been.

“There’s no sense in having regrets,” Doris told Closer.

“Sometimes I think I should have stayed longer [in show business] and I should have done more films…I just got so involved with animals. We can’t change the past.”

Today, Doris Day lives 300 miles away from Hollywood in Carmel, California. And even at age 95, she is still passionate about her life’s work.

“Although I’ve loved my singing and acting career, my greatest accomplishment is the important work my two charities — the Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Doris Day Animal League — have been doing for almost 40 years,” Doris said.

Take a look at the video below for more on Doris Day ahead of her birthday bombshell.

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