Kris Jenner Urging Rob Kardashian To End Tyga Friendship Amid Blac Chyna Feud

Kris Jenner has reportedly told Rob Kardashian to keep his distance from Tyga if he wants to continue having a good relationship with Blac Chyna.

Kris Jenner is worried about her son’s decision to befriend Tyga, knowing very well that Chyna doesn’t get along with her baby’s father, which she made perfectly clear when she took to her Snapchat account, claiming Tyga was failing to make child support payments.

Her rant on the social media platform was shocking, to say the least, Vibe notes. Blac not only claimed that her ex-boyfriend was missing out on making payments on time for their son, King Cairo, the rapper has an allegedly hooked up with men behind Kylie Jenner’s back and Chyna has the evidence to prove it.

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With that in mind, Kris Jenner knows that Blac is a handful to deal with. At this given moment, Kris is refusing to deal with the allegations regarding Tyga’s alleged affair with men behind her daughter’s back — she’s more concerned about Rob’s well-being.

Kris Jenner has tried her hardest to get her son back, helping him with his weight gain struggle and, of course, his depression, anxiety, and diabetes battle. Kris Jenner acknowledges that things aren’t easy for Rob, but becoming the best of friends with Tyga is only going to make things worse.

From the outside looking in, Kris Jenner can see why Blac Chyna would lose her cool. Regardless of whether her accusations about Tyga are true or not, it’s evidently clear that she wasn’t about to hear her ex-boyfriends get together to talk about the former stripper.

According to Hollywood Life, Kris Jenner is urging Rob to keep his distance, for the sake of his health and his daughter. If anything, Rob needs to stay on good terms with Blac because of the fact that she is the mother of his child and mingling with Tyga is simply going to be a bad look on him.

“Kris is warning Rob not to be palling around with Tyga,” a source gushes to the news site. “She’s doing what she can to convince Rob that he needs to support his child’s mother, Blac Chyna, and sort out his issues with her.”

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“Rob can’t play games with his family and Kris is worried that Tyga will get in his head. Kris fears Tyga’s issues with Chyna will become Rob’s problems, too, so she’s doing everything she can to keep Rob away from Tyga’s influence.”

News of Kris Jenner’s fear of Rob spending time with Tyga comes just weeks after Blac Chyna allegedly made it known that she had plans to file for full custody of Dream, insisting that Rob was unfit to care for their daughter with all the problems he’s already dealing with on his own.

There’s no way that Chyna would even consider the idea of giving joint custody to the 30-year-old, and upon hearing about her intentions, Kris Jenner has allegedly strategized a plan that will potentially work in everyone’s favor.

Kris believes that her son can attain joint custody but he’d have to play by Blac Chyna’s rules, and from the way he’s been behaving lately, Rob is proving Blac’s point as to why she can’t see herself granting to the thought of settling for joint custody.

Kris Jenner shares a relatively good relationship with Tyga, who she will most likely talk to in forthcoming days regarding his friendship with Rob. While the duo might be genuine friends, for right now, it’s not a wise decision for them to hang out because of how Blac will react to it.

Do you think Kris Jenner is making a valid point here?

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