Kevin James, Leah Remini Reunite: Adorable Pics Spark ‘King Of Queens’ Nostalgia

Kevin James and Leah Remini are back together again!

The stars of the classic CBS hit sitcom The King of Queens gave their fans a huge nostalgic dose this season when reports of Leah appearing in the season finale of Kevin’s new CBS sitcom were first confirmed.

Recently, the former TV couple filmed the episode together and Remini shared behind-the-scenes photos with her fans and followers on social media.

Earlier this week, the King of Queens nostalgic doses started after Leah posted a photo of the title page for the Kevin Can Wait script. As confirmed in past reports, the season finale is actually broken up into two parts.

So excited! Looking at my script for @KevinCanWaitCBS, @cbstv #KevinCanWait

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Perhaps the title of the episode – “Sting of Queens” – makes the experience that much sweeter for fans of the TV couple formerly known as Doug and Carrie Heffernan.

Later in the week, Leah Remini posted a photo of herself sitting next to Kevin James, stepping up the King of Queens nostalgia to a brand new notch.

Having a blast on the set of @KevinCanWaitCBS! I can’t wait for you to see what @kevinjames and I are working on! #KevinCanWait

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That was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the other hilarious and adorable shots that Leah Remini posted alongside her former TV husband. It seemed as if Kevin James had a different expression ready to go for each photo.

It’s such a joy to be working with my favorite TV hubby ever! For him, maybe not so much? Lol #KevinCanWait

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Just wrapped filming the @KevinCanWaitCBS finale! Laughed a lot! @herrdirektor @FPwriter

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Even after they wrapped filming, Leah Remini and Kevin James apparently kept the party going away from the set – bringing their families along for the ride while spending quality time together as longtime friends.

In one picture of Kevin and Leah at a beach, the 46-year-old actress explained the adorable story behind the photo – shining a light on just how close they were as friends and how even Kevin’s real-life wife respected that.

“This picture was taken by Kevin James’ beautiful wife Steffiana who said ‘as a wife I am so happy to see my husband reuniting with his wife.'”

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The King of Queens first debuted on September 21, 1998. For over 200 episodes within the show’s nine-season run, viewers followed the ups, downs and surprising twists surrounding Doug and Carrie’s marriage, in-laws, friends, and coworkers. Doug was known for his witty personality and love-hate relationship with his job as a parcel delivery man alongside his best friend Deacon. Carrie was known for her quick temper, slightly intimidating presence, and her undeniable love for her husband that she was determined to show in a “unique” way at times.

In a July 2007 interview with Chris Yandek of CY Interviews, Kevin James opened up about saying goodbye to the Heffernans and moving on with his career. According to James, the most difficult part of the process was saying goodbye to the group of actors and actresses he affectionately referred to as his “family.”

“Saving goodbye to my family there who I keep in my life still and will see from time to time, but it’s not on a daily basis. These are the people that really…become your family. Along with your real family, you actually see them more. It’s tough to not work with somebody or see them every day after you’ve seen them constantly and hanged out with them all the time.”

With the success of Kevin Can Wait during its first season on CBS, the chances of a future King of Queens reboot or spin-off are highly unlikely. However, it is at least good to know that Kevin James and Leah Remini are still on good terms nearly 10 years after the show’s original run came to an end.

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