‘Big Little Lies’ HBO Death: #BigLittleLies, Season 2 Petition Trends [Spoilers]

The finale episode of Big Little Lies on HBO has sent the #BigLittleLies hashtag surging to Twitter’s trending list. With Big Little Lies being a limited series based off of the book of the same name, fans of Big Little Lies knew that the first and only season of Big Little Lies would end after seven episodes. That hasn’t stopped fans from demanding a Season 2 of Big Little Lies. On Change.org, the petition titled “We Demand a Second Season of Big Little Lies” is gaining signatures, as fans who’ve read the book and/or devoured the series want more of the characters they’ve fallen in love with via the show.


The death of a main character in Big Little Lies was something made known since the first episode. It just wasn’t clear for those who hadn’t yet read spoilers who would die in Big Little Lies. Those readers who don’t want any spoiler alerts should stop reading now if they don’t want to find out who died in Big Little Lies.

Those who do want to know who died can rest assured that it was a pretty cathartic ending to Big Little Lies, at least according to The New Yorker. The long-awaited trivia night finally arrived, and Big Little Lies brilliantly set up plenty of situations that could’ve ended in murder on the patio of the Otter Bay Elementary School during a fundraiser.


Actress Laura Dern turned in a brilliant performance as a high-powered CEO trying to protect her working mom reputation against stay-at-home moms who judged her for having a nanny and trying to have it all. But Dern’s character didn’t necessarily seem in as much danger as others, namely Nicole Kidman’s Celeste Wright.

Kidman is winning raves and Emmy Award talk over the domestic violence victim Celeste that she played on Big Little Lies. As reported by Revelist, Kidman tackled the dynamic role as wife of Perry Wright, played by Alexander Skarsgård of Tarzan fame. With a highly-charged sexual atmosphere surrounding the marriage of the gorgeous couple that seemed to have it all — the gorgeous home on the shore, twin boys, a huge closet — that luxury came at a price. Perry was a troubled man who beat Celeste within inches of her life, and oftentimes had rough sex afterward. It would stand to reason that Perry would end up being the self-same man who had raped Shailene Woodley’s character on Big Little Lies.

Woodley played the young single mom Jane, who relocated with her son to try and overcome the brutal rape that left her with haunting memories of wanting to kill the man who raped her years ago. Dealing with a potential son who could have been a bully, Jane learned that it wasn’t her son who was harming another little girl in his class. It turns out that Celeste’s son was the little bully, only after learning the learned behavior from his abusive father.


In the end, Zoe Kravitz’s Bonnie character came barreling down the stairs as a hero, pushing Perry to his death down a flight of stairs that always ominously had yellow “caution” tape that Reese Witherspoon’s character always climbed over, symbolic of impending doom. Celeste was finally free of Perry, and Jane free to know that her rapist was dead.

Big Little Lies is the kind of limited series that has folks begging on social media for season No. 2, not satisfied to leave the women together with their kids on the beach, all sharing a secret of solidarity. Instead of ratting out Bonnie, the women banded together to claim Perry tripped down the stairs after charging at Celeste.

Comments like those below from Twitter are begging HBO for Season 2 of Big Little Lies.

”@HBO I know #BigLittleLies is a mini series but is there any possible chance for a season 2?”

“MY FIRST TWEET! @RWitherspoon just watched the last episode and WOW! Great twist! Loved it!! Wish there could be a season 2! #BigLittleLies”

“You know a show is good if I choose to watch it’s finale over #thewalkingdead! @HBO #BigLittleLies needs a season 2! #teambonnie #twd”

“Please bring us a season 2 of Big Little Lies. #BigLittleLies #reesewitherspoon #NicoleKidman”

“I’m so sad that #BigLittleLies ends tonight. Give us a season 2!”

“Please tell me there’s going to be a season 2 of #BigLittleLies”

“Bring on season 2 of #BigLittleLies please @HBO #biglittleliesfinale”

“What a great show thxs @RWitherspoon @NicoleKidman @shailenewoodley @ZoeKravitz Please season 2”

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