Demi Lovato Says She Likes To ‘Feel Like An Outsider’ In Hollywood

Demi Lovato stunned in a black floral print dress at the Culver City premiere of Smurfs: The Lost Village this past weekend and, while Lovato is featured prominently in the animated film as the voice of Smurfette, the musician resists the Hollywood lifestyle. In fact, Demi opened up about feeling like an outsider, even when she’s the center of attention. This new candid interview comes on the heels of another interview in which Lovato shared a recent battle with substance abuse and depression, suggesting that Hollywood nightlife might be something the “No Promises” singer might be better off avoiding.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Voice Actress Demi Lovato Happily Feels Like An Outsider

As CBS News reports, Demi opened up at the Smurfs: The Lost Village premiere about being young in Hollywood, but not really fitting in with the people of her generation. Ms. Lovato admits she’s more of a homebody type than someone who loves the Los Angeles nightlife. She adds that, while she’s happy with who she is, this can sometimes lead to her feeling excluded and alienated from conversations with her peers.

“But I’m glad that I don’t, I love being myself and I love who I am,” adds Lovato.

On a related note, Lovato says she identifies with the Smurfette character from her latest movie, particularly in the way the Smurfs: The Lost Village character is an outsider, but also a brave and outgoing member of her society. Demi says she admires Smurfette for setting out to explore the world and for going in search of her own independent identity, separate from the rest of the smurfs.

Ms. Lovato went on to explain that like her Smurfs: The Lost Village character, she also has struggled with her sense of self. Demi says she’s had as much of an effect on Smurfette as the character has had on her. Lovato confesses to letting her love of sarcasm come through in the character’s voice, which was good for bringing humor to the role. Beyond that, Demi hopes audiences will connect with Smurfette’s bravery and her quest to find purpose for her life.

Ms. Lovato hopes Smurfs: The Lost Village will encourage others to find their purposes in life.

At One Time, Demi Lovato Feared She Might Never Work Again

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato promises a new album is in the works. [Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]

Demi Lovato has been working in the entertainment industry since she landed her first television role at the age of 10, but, as Demi shares with Entertainment Tonight, there was a period in her life, when she feared she might never find another role. She recalls running into a number of obstacles and challenges, all attempting to derail her career, and that made Lovato feel concerned for her future. She says she felt like she had it harder than most others.

“I overcame those struggles [and] it actually gave me more of a…I found my purpose through it all,” Ms. Lovato said. “That was kind of my story.”

Demi may have had her struggles, but she got through them and now success seems to come easy for the actress turned singer. In fact, she shares that she has a new song out, which she released in conjunction with Cheat Codes. The song, “No Promises,” was just released on Saturday.

That’s not all. Ms. Lovato also teased news that she’s hard at work on a new album.

“I actually want to go a totally different way with my album. I want to go more soulful, so we’ll see what that ends up turning out like,” Demi said. “I’m still in the process of writing and finding the inspiration behind it so we’ll see.”

Smurfs: The Lost Village will officially hit theaters on April 7.

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