Kim Kardashian Thinks Her ‘KUWTK’ Sisters Are Hotter Than Her: Jealousy Erupts

Kim Kardashian is extremely annoyed by fans saying that Khloe Kardashian as stolen her shine and looks much better than her sister.

For as long as Kim can remember, she has always been the sexiest Kardashian in the family, having made the most money, gotten the attention by the biggest stars, and, of course, dated the biggest names in Hollywood, Hollywood Life stresses.

But things have completely changed, especially since Khloe started her workout program in 2013. Having dedicated her time to a healthier lifestyle with regular workout routines, Khloe is now getting more attention that Kim Kardashian and the mother-of-two is irritated by it.

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While Kim Kardashian would never want to admit to the supposed fact that she’s jealous of how people have been gushing about Khloe’s voluptuous figure, inside she’s crumbling and losing her cool over it.

The fact that Khloe Kardashian is now hooking up with successful athletes and gaining a wide amount of attention around the world has Kim convinced that her younger sister is overshadowing her fame, prompting the 36-year-old in wanting to take immediate action.

“Kim and Khloe have a very competitive relationship. Kim was always the queen bee: the prettiest, the most popular and always getting the hottest guys,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“It drove Khloe crazy with jealousy growing up. But now, people are gushing over Khloe and how AMAZING she looks. She has worked so incredibly hard on her physique and her look and she’s getting noticed — a lot. All the praise and attention Khloe is getting is really getting Kim irritated.”

Kim Kardashian, according to the outlet, doesn’t consider herself to be hateful toward her sisters just because they are doing something better than her, but it’s said to be a given fact that Kim feels a certain type of way to constantly hear about Khloe’s amazing looks.

“She’s obviously totally happy for Khloe and supportive but it is a bit much when people say Khloe’s got the best body in the family now.”

In an attempt to win back her throne, Kim Kardashian is increasing her workout efforts and plans to eat healthier than ever before. The outlet continues to stress that Kim is working out like a maniac all for the sake of trying to keep up with Khloe who is doing something fitness-related at least twice a day.

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Being a mother-of-two has made it even more difficult for Kim Kardashian to dedicate herself to working out like Khloe has, but she’s doing herself to keep up and make sure that she doesn’t fall off from her current plans to win back the title of being the best looking Kardashian sister in the family.

“It’s been hard with everything that’s happened in the past few months and raising two little ones, but she’s rededicating herself,” the insider concludes.

News of Kim Kardashian’s supposed jealousy over Khloe’s hot body comes just weeks after reports had claimed that the TV star was shedding weight in efforts to prepare herself for an upcoming divorce with Kanye West.

It was alleged that her intentions of getting into the best shape she’s ever been in was so that Kim Kardashian wouldn’t find it hard finding herself a new man once all is said and done and she has divorced her rapper husband.

Kim Kardashian has never commented on those allegations. It has been noted, however, that the couple’s relationship issues will be played out on the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, airing every Sunday on the E! network.

Do you think Kim Kardashian should be jealous of her sister’s body?

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