‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Andrea Savo Back In GH, Nelle Acts As Double Agent?

It’s going to be another roller-coaster week based on the latest General Hospital. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) are still at it, and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is in a difficult position. The plot to expose more secrets about the Cassadines are going to heat up as one character makes her way back to Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the feud between Lulu and Valentin is far from over. Nelle is going to be dragged deeper into the mess. Now that Nelle has the job as Charlotte’s nanny, she is in for some adventure. While Nelle knows where Lulu is coming from and feels bad for her, she will try to save herself first. Valentin already issued a warning to Nelle during their first meeting, and the new nanny looked ready to bolt at those words. Nelle has no plans of losing her new position or end up as a missing person. General Hospital spoilers tease she could dodge Lulu the next time they bump into each other.

Lulu’s quest to be good friends with Nelle has been one of the angles in the previous General Hospital episodes. Nelle figured out what the woman wants her to do, but it could mean the end for her. It seems, however, that Lulu will find a means to get to Nelle, and General Hospital spoilers hint it is going to involve loverboy Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell). Now that Jax is in town, Lulu might lose her leverage over Nelle, leaving Valentin’s nanny choosing who to side with.


The secrets that the Cassadines are harboring will finally come to light, and it seems someone will be back on set to play the role of Daphne. General Hospital spoilers hint that she has been nursing someone back to health. There have been rumors that Nikolas Cassadine is going to reappear. Although the last actor who played the role, Tyler Christopher, made it clear he will not be back on General Hospital, recasting is still an option. The fan-favorite Nick Stabile is a good candidate for the part.

The former General Hospital actor does not appear averse to the possibility of reprising his role in the soap. Given how the story is wrapping up, it appears Valentin is going to be painted as a good guy. If Nikolas is in Greece recovering from whatever sickness struck him, Valentin could be cleared of the charges. Daphne seems to be wearing a nurse’s garb and could be taking care of someone on the Greek island.

A trip to Cassadine Island will finally answer important questions that have been bugging General Hospital fans. After all, there are a lot of loose ends that only a trip to the island can solve. Since Jason obtained permission from Valentin, they could get answers freely. Who they meet or what they find out could shed light on some things and open more loose ends.


Spoilers for next week also reveal that Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) are going to have an adventure in Turkey. As detailed in General Hospital reports, Elliot is planning to leave the soap and retire. As a result, this could be her last adventure. The two are on a quest to find a painting that once belonged to Edward Quartermaine. The $20 million painting might be the push of faith that will lead to a meeting with their ex-husband Luke Spencer.

Anthony Geary, who played the role of Luke, was seen on the set of General Hospital and he might be back for Tracy’s final scene on the soap. Aside from a possible reunion with a former flame, Tracy will confide that she feels as if she is a big disappointment to her father. Laura doesn’t see it that way though and reassures Tracy that her father loved him and that she loved him too. General Hospital spoilers tease Lord Larry Ashton might get in the way of Tracy’s plans and stir troubles for her in next week’s episode.


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