Tyga, Blac Chyna At War: Blindsided By King Cairo Working Without His Consent

Tyga is furious over the supposed fact that Blac Chyna has applied work permits for King Cairo and Dream Kardashian, stressing that he will not be allowing his four-year-old son to be working at such a young age.

The rapper, who has kept a relatively good relationship with Chyna until recently, was blindsided by the former stripper’s moves, especially because the mother-of-two had not even mentioned the idea that she wanted Cairo to start working under her wing.

With business booming for Chyna, sources believe Blac will potentially have her youngsters appear in commercials and other business ventures that she’s promoting — she sees no problem with it, especially since they will be getting big bucks for it.

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But according to Hollywood Life, this matter was never discussed with Tyga, who is absolutely fuming just at the thought of having his son exploited for the sake of money. It’s a move that Tyga does not tolerate, which is why he’s set to take actions against Blac’s plans to have their son working at the age of four.

“Tyga can’t believe Blac Chyna’s making legal moves to get King Cairo to work without his consent,” a source reveals. “He doesn’t know anything about her plans and wasn’t even consulted.”

“King needs to be in school learning, playing with his friends and enjoy being a child. Tyga’s not really interested in having him grow up in front of cameras, being a child star or whatever else Chyna’s planning to do. Tyga thinks she’s money hungry and will do anything to make a buck, even making her kids work. He’s not with that and will intervene and put a stop to Chyna if she’s planning on putting their baby to work.”

Blac Chyna has marketed herself in more ways than one as of late, having rebranded her cosmetic line, titled Lashed, along with the increase in business for her Chimoji app. On social media, the socialite is allegedly earning more than $100,000 a month in advertising, and with business partners approaching her for more opportunities, Blac is ready to expand her empire.

As far as Cairo’s involvement, however, Tyga seems to have made it clear he will not be giving his approval for that, especially not after the fact that Blac publicly bashed the father of her son, claiming he was failing to make child support payments.

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Taking to her official Snapchat account, Chyna ranted about Tyga’s failure in making payments for their nanny, who supposedly hadn’t been paid the money she was owed by the rapper. Furthermore, Blac was furious that Tyga had been communicating with her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian about the model’s supposed intentions to get back with the “Rack City” star.

Ending her rant, as revealed via BET, Blac shockingly claimed that Tyga was gay and that she had evidence that would prove her point to her millions of fans. She noted that she has the names of men Tyga has hooked up with, strongly implying that Kylie Jenner isn’t the only person Tyga has been sleeping with lately.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Kylie is said to have ended her relationship with Tyga in the midst of all the drama concerning Blac and her now ex-boyfriend, telling friends she doesn’t need the arguments in her life anymore.

With that in mind, it could potentially be the case that Tyga’s only intentions to stop Blac from using Cairo to start working under her umbrella are because of the things she has said about the 27-year-old in public.

Tyga has not responded to any of the accusations Chyna has made, nor does he have any plans to address the matter in public.

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