Zayn Malik Gets New Tattoo As Gigi Hadid Joins #TiedTogether Campaign

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been spending the weekend of April Fool’s Day shocking their fans, but the two of them also have a serious side.

For example, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are already one of the top fashion world couples with an empire that will continue to grow in 2017, but if you see them with a white bandana, there is a good reason.

According to Business of Fashion, models like Gigi Hadid wore a white bandana throughout 2017’s fashion week events to support the #TiedTogether campaign. In short, this campaign is the global fashion industry’s response to “growing uncertainty and a dangerous narrative peddling division,” and was instead showing support of “solidarity, human unity, and inclusiveness.”

This is not to be confused with the #PerfectNever campaign that Gigi Hadid is a part of through her role as one of the faces of Reebok, according to Women’s Health.

On March 31, Gigi Hadid was in NYC, according to Daily Mail, and Zayn Malik did not appear to be with her. Instead, Zayn Malik may have been keeping a low profile over the last week of March because his 5-year-old cousin, Arshiya Malik, died after a long struggle with a brain tumor, according to the Mirror.

After this sad time in Zayn Malik’s life, he seems to have bounced back and shocked several of his fans around April 2 with a new tattoo. According to Zayn Malik’s Instagram, the tattoo has the initials S.G.T. with the date of April 2, 2017.

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid will have new fashion Model Moms projects in 2017.
There are still no indications if Zayn Malik will appear on “Model Moms.” [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

There are some fans in the comments of the Instagram post that presume that this S.G.T. stands for his latest hit “Still Got Time,” but this has not been confirmed or denied by Zayn Malik.

While Zayn Malik had some surprises of his own with his new tattoo, Gigi Hadid fans are still reeling from her rather effective April Fool’s Day joke. According to ABC News, Gigi Hadid might not have been the only celebrity to prank her fans on social media, but the thought of Gigi chopping off her hair made the blood of many fans run cold.

Also yet-to-be-determined as an April Fool’s Day joke, NME reports that Nicki Minaj and Zayn Malik have been rumored to release a new single, and the gossip began around March 31 when a collaboration was allegedly “listed” on the Capital FM website as “TBC.”

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid are now both supermodels.
Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid will continue building modeling careers and awareness campaigns throughout 2017. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Gigi Hadid might have some drama in her future that needs to be sorted out, and it is likely to be hinged around might Yolanda Hadid’s new upcoming Lifetime reality TV show called Model Moms.

Although the show was recently announced around March 21, details about whether Zayn Malik or Yolanda Hadid’s children will have a major or minor role in the show have not. According to the website for Model Moms, the air date is still unknown.

However, 2017 might be less about Gigi Hadid as a model or presence on Yolanda’s TV show and more about Gigi the photographer. For example, Gigi Hadid recently took pictures of Zayn Malik for his modeling for the 2017 Versace Versus fashion line.

Adding to this, Harper’s Bazaar states that Gigi Hadid’s passion for photography started with her mother. While Yolanda Hadid was traveling the world as a supermodel in the 1990s, she took lots of pictures.

When Gigi Hadid was growing up, her mother’s beautiful photographs inspired her so much that she started selling her own photos. In particular, when Gigi Hadid was a little girl, she did not have a lemonade stand to make extra money. Instead, Gigi Hadid said she took pictures of horses and sold them for $10.

Naturally, if Gigi Hadid decided to sell pics of horses in 2017, she could fetch as much as she would like to ask. As for Gigi Hadid going into the business selling photos again, this is also a real possibility since she still owns a website she started as a child called Hadid Photography.

Of course, if anyone has a Gigi Hadid original horse photo from her childhood, the chances that it will eventually become a collector’s item is highly likely.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Billboard]