‘One Piece’ Manga 861: Sanji-Pudding Wedding And Two Assassination Plots Begin

Chapter 861 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece finally slides the curtains to reveal the glorious wedding ceremony of Sanji Vinsmoke and Lady Pudding. Additionally, it reveals just how prepared Fire Tank Captain and criminal mastermind, Capone ‘Gang’ Bege is.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 861 spoilers/recap ahead]

The previous chapter of manga One Piece merely hinted at the lavishness of the Sanji-Pudding wedding ceremony, and indicated that it was being held on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. The current chapter offers more details about the high-profile event. The chapter opens with Capone’s son’s offering insider information about the dignitaries who are currently in attendance. Besides the elite, Monster Gun also notices the commanders and ministers. While these relatives are attending the ceremony, it is apparent they have been stationed to offer an extra layer of protection.

As every guest is acutely aware how crazy Big Mom is about gifts, each of them offers chests of varying sizes. While One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda doesn’t specifically indicate what the treasure chests contain, it is apparent that the crime bosses and villains from the underworld would have brought precious jewels and artifacts from their native lands in an effort to appease the Yonko.

However, the most important aspect at the giant banquet is Mother Caramel’s photo. Earlier chapters had indicated just how important the photo of Mother Caramel was to Big Mom. Moreover, Capone had revealed how the photo was her sole weakness, and how merely handling the image would send Charlotte Linlin in a fit of pain and agony. Incidentally, destruction of Mother Caramel’s photo is an important part of the assassination plot. Interestingly, mangaka Oda still hasn’t confirmed exactly how Mother Caramel is related to Big Mom.

Interestingly, despite the huge pile of treasure chests lying beside her, Big Mom’s most treasured possession is the “Tamatebako,” a beautiful and intricately decorated treasure box from King Neptune. The Yonko confirms that King Neptune willingly parted with the treasure box, and adds that along with other gifts, she will open the Tamatebako during the grand banquet after Pudding and Sanji’s wedding ceremony. It is clear Big Mom assumes the Tamatebako holds some exceptional treasure.

The abilities of the Tamatebako were revealed in the earlier chapters of One Piece manga. The box is said to contain the power to make anyone stronger than a thousand men owing to an “Energy Steroid”. But if the steroid is abused, the person can age quickly. However, it is quite likely that the treasure box isn’t filled with any valuables. Instead, the Minister of Right had once informed King Neptune that the box had been filled with bombs, and they were rigged to explode if the box was ever opened. It is quite apparent that Big Mom is completely unaware of the box’s contents.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Capone is busy securing the venue for his own sinister gains. Having ensured all communications with the outside world are severed by using a “Horned Den-Den Mushi,” Capone summons Caesar Clown from within Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Incidentally, Capone is acutely aware that the Mirror World is the group’s sole escape route.

While Capone is busy organizing, Luffy D. Monkey and the Straw Hats pirates are peacefully sleeping back at the headquarters of the Fire Tank Pirates. This calmness infuriates the criminal mastermind, but Jinbei pacifies him. The sharkman notes that none of the Straw Hats have had a decent night’s sleep, ever since they set foot on the Whole Cake Island.

The scene shifts to the bride and groom’s personal chambers, where Lady Pudding is all charms. She tries to ensure that Sanji hasn’t become suspicious. On the other hand, Black Leg is trying his best not to let her know that Big Mom’s plan to kill the Vinsmoke clan has been revealed.

Chapter 861 of manga One Piece ends with the ceremony’s announcement. It is quite apparent that every member of the Big Mom clan as well the Fire Tank pirates and Straw Hats pirates would be tingling with anticipation. Undoubtedly, the wedding ceremony is steeped in treachery and deceit, and all hell is about to break loose. Hopefully, One Piece mangaka reveals the action in the upcoming chapter.

Unfortunately, the One Piece team is on a break next week. Hence fans of the series will have to wait to know what happens after Sanji lifts the veil off of Lady Pudding.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]