Matt Jordan Not Invited To ‘RHOA’ Reunion, Kenya Moore Talks Restraining Order

Kenya Moore’s relationship with Matt Jordan was volatile, to say the least, and now the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star is speaking out about the restraining order she just slapped on him. It was also recently reported that, with the Season 9 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on the horizon, Matt didn’t get an invite and a lot of it had to do with all the issues he has caused for Kenya over the past several months.

It looks like Kenya Moore will get to talk all about her really nasty breakup with Matt Jordan at the upcoming RHOA Season 9 reunion and he won’t even get a chance to respond according to TMZ. That’s because Bravo producers thought it would be best if the Atlanta-based personal trainer wasn’t present when the RHOA cast rehashes what happened as Season 9 was filmed.

The reasoning behind producers’ decision to leave Matt Jordan out couldn’t have been due to the temporary restraining order that Kenya Moore has against him. Matt is required to stay 200 yards away from Kenya now among other restrictions like not contacting her or her family. However, the restraining order is new and the RHOA Season 9 reunion was filmed a few weeks ago so it looks like producers already knew that Kenya and Matt were really having some issues and decided not to bring him on stage to confront her.

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan head back to court later in the month to see if a judge wants to make the temporary restraining order permanent. Considering Matt Jordan’s four recent arrests plus reports that he broke windows at Kenya’s house and freaked out on the Mexico trip, kicking in the hotel door, it’s safe to say that there is plenty of reason for the judge to go ahead and give Kenya a little peace of mind by granting her request.

Kenya spoke out about the Matt Jordan restraining order according to All About The Tea. She claims that Matt has been harassing her for several months despite the fact that they haven’t dated for about six months. Kenya charged Matt with stealing her Instagram photos in order to repost and then trash her. Apparently, some of the posts Matt Jordan has made on Instagram have Kenya Moore especially concerned because she called one recent alleged lie a “serious allegation.”

Kenya Moore proclaimed that Matt Jordan is no longer allowed to be near her and he can’t bother her online either. That means, even if he sees something on Kenya’s Instagram that he doesn’t like, he can’t comment on it and he can’t repost it to his own social media accounts to comment on it either.

As a part of Kenya Moore’s restraining order request, she added a suggestion that Matt Jordan be required to get some sort of psychiatric help. It’s unclear if that part of the request was granted. That might be a good idea, considering Matt Jordan’s arrest record. Kenya’s former boyfrind was arrested four times just last year, which might make the Real Housewives of Atlanta star a bit nervous all by itself.

Considering the hostile breakup and the fact that Matt Jordan still reportedly won’t leave Kenya Moore alone, the Bravo producers’ decision to ban Matt Jordan from the RHOA Season 9 finale was probably a good one. Whether or not the restraining order keeps him away from Kenya and out of her social media is another story. Hopefully both parties can just move on and live their lives away from each other rather than carrying on with the drama.

Certainly, Kenya Moore will have plenty to say about Matt Jordan and their nightmare romance when the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion airs. In the meantime, do you think Kenya should be worried that Matt will break the restraining order? Sound off in the comments section below.

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