Trump Approval Rating Stays Underwater, Except With This One Group Of Americans

A new set of polls issued at the end of last week show that Donald Trump continues to suffer from record low approval ratings, with no sign that the American people are warming to him or willing to pull his poll numbers up from deep underwater where they now lie. In fact, according to the latest Gallup poll, issued on April 1, only 38 percent of Americans say that they approve of Trump's job performance so far, two days shy of 75 days into his term.

Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama, enjoyed a comfortable 60 percent approval rating at the same point in his first term in 2009, according to Gallup.

But there is one group of American voters that still thinks Trump is doing a great job in the White House, the same group that gave Trump most of his support in the November 8 election that sent him into the Oval Office. And that group is — white people.

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A majority of white Americans continue to support Donald Trump, even as all other groups say they disapprove of his job performance. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

In a new poll released Friday by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Trump did slightly better overall than in the Gallup poll. But the AP/NORC poll nonetheless puts Trump at a dismal 42 percent approval rating with the American public, with a whopping 58 percent disapproval rating. That's effectively six of every 10 people who don't like what Trump is doing in the White House.

But among white Americans, a majority — 53 percent — say that Trump is doing a good job so far, while 47 percent of whites disapprove of his job performance. Among white Americans who never attended or completed college, Trump's approval rating stands at 58 percent in the AP/NORC poll.

The results of the poll should not be surprising, however. Exit polls taken during the November election showed that Trump's base of support was overwhelmingly comprised of white voters, who turned out for him in high numbers. According to exit polls published by CNN, white voters made up 71 percent of the electorate in last year's presidential election, and 57 percent of them cast their ballots for Trump.

By contrast, only eight percent of black voters checked the box for Trump, and just 21 percent of non-white voters overall supported the eventual winner.

The exit poll numbers for white voters without college degrees were even more robust for Trump — a full 66 percent, or two out of every three white voters without college degrees voted for Trump.

The new numbers from the AP/NORC poll appear to show that Trump's support may have eroded slightly among white voters, and even among those without college degrees. But those voters remain mostly the last holdouts who give Trump good marks for his performance on the job.

Donald Trump polls, white people, Donald Trump approval rating, lowest presidential approval ratings, Rasmussen poll, FIveThirtyEight, Gallup poll, Donald Trump approval today
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost what voters to Donald Trump, receiving only 37 percent of their votes. [Image by Ben Margot/AP Images]

In fact, a new McClatchy-Marist poll released on Friday asked respondents to give actual letter grades to Trump, and most Americans slapped him low grades indeed. One of every three respondents in the poll gave Trump a grade of "F," a mark of failure.

Another 30 percent — 15 percent each — garden Trump with a "C" or a "D" while only 15 percent graded him with the highest mark, an "A," while another 22 percent gave him a "B."

That makes 63 percent, almost two out of three, who grade Trump a mediocre "C" or lower.

In the same poll taken in 2009, 58 percent gave Obama an "A" or a "B," whole only 11 percent hit him with a failing grade.

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