Kentucky Teacher Believes Democrats Can’t Go To Heaven

South Laurel High School

London, KY – A high school teacher landed in hot water after writing a controversial political statement on her classroom white board, according to Yahoo! News.

“You can’t be a Democrat and go to Heaven,” Kendra Baker wrote on the white board. Since such a statement is a direct violation of district policy, the teacher faced disciplinary action.

The Sentinel-Echo explains that South Laurel High School teacher was reprimanded by her bosses for writing the political declaration on the classroom white board. Baker was also forced to apologize to her students for her behavior.

“She wrote it on her own, and she wanted to write it on the board. She realized it was inappropriate,” Superintendent Doug Bennett explained. He added that Baker had heard the controversial phrase from a student and decided to share it with the rest of the class.

“Our focus and mission is to do what’s best for students, and teachers are expected to exercise reasonable and prudent judgement. The teacher made a mistake and I believe the teacher regrets that,” Bennett said. “We as educators have the freedom to campaign for political parties and candidates on our own time. However, this right does not extend to our work schedule. Our objective is to teach the established curriculum.”

The Student Code of Conduct explains that teachers must maintain a classroom where learning, respect, and trust are supported and fostered at all times. Teachers themselves are required to be responsible, respectful, and mindful of the beliefs of others.

Since the controversial statement about Democrats going to Heaven wasn’t part of the planned curriculum, officials believe that Baker was in the wrong. She has already apologized to the students she offended with her political statement.

Do you think teachers have the right to share their political opinions with students? Do you think Baker’s punishment was appropriate and fair?