Selena Gomez Approved By The Weeknd’s Family, Planning ‘Romantic’ Easter Reunion

Selena Gomez has met her new boyfriend The Weeknd’s family and has been given their seal of approval. The new celebrity couple is reportedly planning a “romantic” Easter reunion during the R&B singer’s break from his international tour.

The Weeknd’s family loved Selena, of course

Selena Gomez has been approved by her new boyfriend’s family. The singer and actress visited The Weeknd’s hometown of Toronto, Canada recently and was introduced to his mother and grandmother.

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The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, took the opportunity to introduce his new love to his family members and was relieved that they all got along amazingly, inside sources told Eyewitness News.

“He was thrilled for Selena to meet his family. They instantly took to Selena and they like her very much. They thought she was surprisingly down-to-earth and very friendly.”

The 27-year-old “Starboy” singer apparently had a great time on his trip back home with his new girlfriend.

“Abel also wanted to make sure Selena was able to relax in Toronto, as he’s always wanted to have a home there.”

The Weeknd also loves the fact that Selena, 24, is down to earth.

“She proved to him that she can hang, deal with cold weather, relax, the whole thing. He loves her glamorous side but this Selena is the one who sealed the deal.”

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Selena and Abel have already traveled the world together

Since confirming their relationship in January, the couple has been all over the globe on Abel’s international tour. They have been photographed on romantic dates in Florence and Paris.

“They really clicked musically when they were working on a song together.”

“Their chemistry was off the charts and she’s really into him.”

Last week, The Weeknd rented out an entire movie theater for the two to see the new film Get Out. An eyewitness said that the two looked very cozy together.

“She was super cute with him… arms around his neck.”

Buenos Aires, Argentina????????

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A romantic Easter reunion is in the works

Meanwhile, the new couple is reportedly planning a “romantic” Easter reunion during a break from his music tour.

“Selena [Gomez] and The Weeknd are planning on spending Easter together.”

Selena left Abel to attend the premiere of 13 Reasons Why, a 13-episode Netflix series she executive produced with her mother, Mandy Teefey, according to other reports by the Inquisitr.

Our show @13reasonswhy came out tonight and I couldn’t be more overwhelmed with pride and joy. After 7 years of holding onto this book, I couldn’t of picked a better time for this message to exist. Jay Asher wrote a beautifully tragic, compelling story and we were lucky to have brought it to life. Thank you to every single soul that put their heart into this passion project

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Selena reportedly wants to get Abel back home to meet her family while he has a break from his tour, Hollywood Life reported.

“He wraps up his South American tour on April 2 and doesn’t go back on stage until April 25. Selena really wants him to go back home with her to spend time with her family, but she’s also open to the idea of going on a romantic getaway with him.

“He keeps telling her that he wants to whisk her away on a secret vacation. Either way, she can’t wait to have some uninterrupted alone time with her man.”

Where do you think Selena and Abel will spend their romantic Easter break together? Let us know in the comments section below!

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