Danielle Bregoli, Age 14, Isn’t Pregnant, But Speculation It’ll Happen Is Strong

Fourteen-year-old Danielle Bregoli, the infamous “Cash Me Ousside Girl,” is not pregnant. At least no reliable source, including Danielle herself, has claimed that she is expecting. There are a couple blog sites speculating on whether or not Bregoli is a soon-to-be mother. One site, akonconnected.com, which appears to be a site dedicated in part to rapper and singer Akon, published a piece titled, “How Bout Dat? Video: Danielle Bregoli Reveals A Baby Bump Alongside Baby Daddy”.

Despite what it says in the title, this post does not contain a video or an “alongside baby daddy.”

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The article more or less dubs the young teen as “trashy” and insinuates that Danielle’s “pregnancy” is a tactic she’s using in order to stay in the public eye. A selfie photo is provided, which shows a female taking a picture of herself in the mirror displaying what looks to be a baby bump. There’s a couple of problems though. First, the girl’s face isn’t showing, making it next to impossible for onlookers to know it’s Bregoli for sure. Secondly, although the girl in the photo appears to have a growing belly, it’s not an obvious baby bump.

The article does not specify where the image came from, just saying that it “found its way on the Internet.”

It appears this claiming of a pregnant Bregoli is fake news.

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The other article, from a site called empireboobookitty.com, looks to be an April Fool’s joke, as the headline reads, “Is Danielle Bregoli Pregnant? Kodak Black Baby Daddy?” And directly beneath the headline on the main page it says, “Kodak Black is not Danielle Bregoli’s baby daddy. The 14-year-old is not pregnant,” before it launches into an article speculating on exactly those two things. Its original publishing date was April 1.

So based on everything we know, the “Cash Me Ousside” girl is not an expectant mother at this point in time. Despite this, people seem to be obsessed with a Danielle Bregoli pregnancy taking place, and it’s not an “if” to them, it’s a “when.” Hence, most people believe a teen pregnancy is essentially unavoidable in a situation such as hers.

Some people seemed genuinely concerned about the overnight sensation, whereas others are keen to make fun of, if not downright insult, her and her way of life.

Facebook users in particular aren’t shy about sharing their less-than-positive feelings about Danielle.

She also has repeatedly been called “spoiled” and a “brat” by naysayers.

Given how popular she’s become in such a short amount of time, reality TV producers have taken an interest in her and Bregoli is on her way to reality TV superstardom, as reported by Inquisitr. The details of the show are reportedly still being worked out. As we can see from the above Facebook posts, some Americans are disgusted with the teen soon becoming the star of her own show, concerned about Danielle’s potential influence on impressionable girls around her age, while insisting that she’s “what’s wrong with this country,” that being America.

People are also insistent in comparing her upcoming reality show to MTV’s 16 And Pregnant, even though the two have nothing to do with each other.

Even though we’ve established that Danielle Bregoli is not pregnant, rumors have still made an impact. When it comes to the “Cash Me Ousside” girl, pregnancy rumors are best verified from Bregoli herself.

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