April 2, 2017
Jennifer Lopez Indulges In Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream, Cookies, And Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are already an item and the Inquistr had earlier reported that the two already see a future together.

During his visit to The View, Alex Rodriguez said that Jennifer Lopez loves to have chocolate chip ice cream and cookies.

"She would kill me if I said too much," he said, before spilling that she indulges on "chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies," USA Today reported.

Alex Rodriguez seemed smitten by Jennifer Lopez; he said he was having a great time with her and that she's very smart. He went on to say that Jennifer Lopez is a great mother too.

"We're having a great time, she's an amazing, amazing girl," he said. "(She's) one of the smartest human beings I've ever met, and also an incredible mother."

The Inquisitr earlier reported that the two were seen having dinner in Bel-Air and see a future together.

There have also been talks about how Alex Rodriguez is a better fit than Drake, who was much younger than Lopez.

The sources went on to say that the two are in the same place in their lives and that's one of the reasons they get along really well.

"They're in the same place in their lives, they both have kids around the same age," a third source said.

Her kids mean a lot to Jennifer Lopez, and she has said time and again that the reason she's not with Mark Anthony is because he's not able to provide a stable ground for the kids.

Before Jennifer Lopez got together with Alex Rodriguez, she was rumored to be with Drake. However, sources had said that she wasn't really secure with Drake. It was said that Jennifer Lopez, although a secure woman, was worried Drake would cheat on her.

"J.Lo's as confident as any sexy woman could be, but she's worried like hell about Drake at his Super Bowl gig," a source told Hollywood Life.

She disliked the fact that when Drake goes away on a tour, she'd be left alone worrying and she found herself preparing herself emotionally.

"She knew he was going out on this tour from the get-go, so it's something she was emotionally prepared for," the source continues.

Other sources go on to say that Jennifer Lopez was prepared for her romance with Drake and she wasn't taking Drake seriously.

"For once she kept her emotional boundaries very clear. As far as ever taking Drake seriously, she's too smart for that."

Another constant presence in her life is that of Marc Anthony, her ex. He was reportedly very tense about her romance with Drake, however, it's not known how he feels about her romance with Alex Rodriguez.

"[He] is absolutely devastated about her romance with Drake," the insider said of Marc, the Inquisitr reported.

"Marc is going to be a constant presence in her life and hopes that this fling with Drake just fizzles out. Jennifer is a hopeless romantic and Marc is praying that once the honeymoon phase of dating Drake is over, she will come back to him," the Inquisitr reported.

As much as Jennifer would like to give her kids a solid ground, Marc Anthony won't be able to provide that.

"[She] didn't want to put the kids through the emotional turmoil of possibly getting back together with their dad if it wasn't on solid ground."

Do you think Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Alex Rodriguez is going to work out? Do you think Marc Anthony is going to be worried about it? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images]