Milo Ventimiglia Of ‘This Is Us’ Talks Military, Struggles, And Instagram

Milo Ventimiglia has quickly become a household name during the past several months as fans have grown attached to his character Jack Pearson on This Is Us. As fans swoon over Jack and what a devoted husband and father he is, many want to know more about Milo himself and what he represents. From hearing Ventimiglia’s views to following Milo on social media, fans can’t get enough. The latest interviews from Milo have revealed some interesting facts, including his views on the military, his struggles as an actor, and why fans may be having a hard time finding anything recent from Milo on Instagram.

Milo has finally addressed why he is missing in action from all the Instagram hype. People shared that Milo has not posted a photo in four years to his Instagram account. Milo has revealed that he has always had a huge interest in photography and therefore loved Instagram at first. Ventimiglia felt it was a platform for artists to share their work. If one were to scroll through Milo’s posted photos you would find that most are of architecture and city skylines and less about people.

Ventimiglia said the following in regard to his Instagram account.

“It started as a place [for] a collective group of photographers and artists to share their work, and their lives. And at a certain point — after doing it for three years — I saw it change. Nobody was looking at the photos. They were asking me about my acting jobs. And I kinda went, ‘Oh, man.’ It felt like it’d lost what I’d grown to love about it as a photographer.”

Milo finally decided to call it quits in January 2013 when he posted picture number 1,200. Unfortunately, Instagram deleted one photo Ventimiglia had shared bringing his grand total to 1,199.

Aside from recently addressing his absence from Instagram, Milo has also shared his thoughts on the struggles he has had as an actor trying to make it in Hollywood. USA Today shared an interview in which Milo said there are times he had to deal with rejection and come to terms with saying the character he was auditioning for was ultimately not for him.

Ventimiglia shared that several years ago after being hurt and angry over not landing a few roles he had really wanted, he decided to step back and just let it all go. Milo decided to live life and let the creative juices flow back in. Milo did just that and then This is Us rolled around and Ventimiglia knew he was perfect for Jack Pearson. Milo realized Jack was a special character and it hit Ventimiglia that this was where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing.

In the interview, USA Today also shared Milo’s thoughts on the military. If anyone follows Ventimiglia on Twitter, they can see he is a supporter of military and veterans. Several months ago Milo took part in the 21 push-up challenge, in which 21 push-ups are done to bring awareness for veteran suicides. Milo confirmed his support and pride in the military by talking about how his dad served in the Army and even took him to see the Vietnam traveling memorial wall. Milo’s father pointed out names of friends who had been killed in action. It struck a chord with Milo.


Milo says to know his father experienced war like some of his own friends now have experienced war gives him a different perspective and care because of what they have all seen in regards to war. Ventimiglia also says he kind of relates his dad’s experiences to Jack as well being that Vietnam was in Jack’s era and Jack was also in Vietnam. Milo shared how heartbroken his father was when he spoke of Vietnam and how he could never grasp how such a beautiful group of people could be in so much turmoil. Milo goes on to say those sentiments can be shared in regards to any conflict going on and he feels there has to be a better way to solve the problems in the world than that of mass destruction and violence.

Milo’s thoughts seem to reflect many of what fans may think would be Jack’s sentiments as well. Unfortunately, there is a going to be a waiting game for next season of This is Us to start back up. Right now fans know that there will be a sSeason 2 and 3 and while Milo and the rest of the cast will begin filming the new season this summer, no official date for the Season 2 premiere has been released yet. It will be a long summer as devoted fans wait for new episodes to emerge of the Pearson clan and hopefully get more answers to the much asked question, what happened to Jack?

[Featured Image by Chad Hurst/Getty Images For Operation Smile]