Derrick Rose Injury: Rose Out For Remainder Of Season — Again

Derrick Rose is in the headlines again — and not in a good way. Derrick Rose was once an MVP with a promising career in the NBA, but, within a few years, Derrick Rose has become known for his time off the court as much as on, if not more so. Recent reports indicate that Derrick Rose has once again succumbed to injury and will miss the remainder of the NBA season as a result. This latest development comes on the heels of Derrick Rose demanding a max contract just a few months ago.

In some ways, it may be a sigh of relief for some. With a player like Derrick Rose — especially in the last few injury-plagued seasons — it’s essentially anxiety-inducing if Derrick Rose does manage to go through the majority of an NBA season without some form of injury — season-ending or otherwise. If Derrick Rose goes through long enough stretches relatively injury-free, fans have essentially been conditioned to wait for the other shoe to drop in terms of Derrick Rose and the next injury.

According to the latest reports, Derrick Rose has torn the meniscus in his left knee. Derrick Rose has had a history of injuries in both knees, so any re-injury of any of those areas certainly is cause for concern. The point guard will have to go under the knife to repair the damage done. According to ESPN, those close to Derrick Rose expect him to be back to full health in roughly two months.

Two months is rather optimistic, especially considering the fact that it’s Derrick Rose. While the point guard has appeared in 64 games for the New York Knicks this season, missing 12, the reality is, at 28-years-old, the time it’s going to take Derrick Rose to rebound from essentially the same injury that has plagued him in the past is only going to extend as he gets older. While 28 is not old in the NBA by any stretch, in terms of Derrick Rose years, it is.

While things have gone from bad to worse for the New York Knicks this season, it would be fair to say that, all things considered, Derrick Rose has not had a bad year. On the season, Derrick Rose has averaged 18.0 points, 4.4 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per contest. While all of these numbers are below his career average, and certainly below the numbers he was putting up during his MVP season, Derrick Rose fashioned himself into a somewhat reliable scoring option in the Big Apple, and was in the midst of something of a career reset, if you will.

Even with Derrick Rose at full health and on the floor, however, the New York Knicks were never able to truly find their rhythm this season, and will unfortunately miss the playoffs for the fourth year in a row. In order to acquire Derrick Rose, the New York Knicks took on the $21.3 million that Derrick Rose was owed in the final year of his contract. Derrick Rose will ultimately be a free agent after this season ends, and,with it ending in injury, one has to wonder if there will be any suitors lined up to sign the often-injured Derrick Rose once he recuperates from this latest injury.

As for New York moving forward, they could certainly cut their losses and deem the Derrick Rose experiment a fail — and they can be thankful that they didn’t give in to Derrick Rose’s demands for a max deal. Still, heading into the off-season, New York has more problems than just Derrick Rose, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do moving forward.

[Featured Image by Elsa/Getty Images]