Steve Jobs Home Burglar Admits To Eight Break-Ins

Kariem McFarlin broke into the home of Steve Jobs and seven others after losing his job and becoming homeless. Kariem was arrested earlier in the year and has finally pled “no contest” for breaking into the former Apple, Inc. CEO’s Silicon Valley residence and the homes of his other victims.

In exchange for his plea, Santa Clara County prosecutors agreed to recommend that the burglar be sentenced to no more than seven years and eight months in prison.

McFarlin has been behind bars since July 17 when he was arrested and charged with one count of burglary and one count of receiving stolen property from Steve Jobs’ home. The Jobs family was not living in the home at the time as it was undergoing renovations.

Taken from the former Apple CEO’s home was $60,000 in jewelry. McFarlin also snagged several computers and Steve Jobs’ wallet, which was taken nine months after his death.

Investigators found stolen goods inside a storage locker owned by Kariem McFarlin. According to officials, some of the stolen goods dated back to March 2011.

When combined, McFarlin pled “no contest” to eight counts of first-degree burglary and one count of receiving stolen property.

McFarlin targeted homes in upscale San Francisco neighborhoods that were undergoing renovations, sometimes sleeping in the very homes he burglarized.

Investigators hunted down Kariem McFarlin using an iPad that was stolen from Steve Jobs’ home and which was still connected to the tech firm’s servers.

Do you think seven years behind bars is a fair sentence given Kariem McFarlin’s often and repeated offenses?