Justin Theroux Opens Up About Married Life With Jennifer Aniston

There has been much tabloid speculation about the lives of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, particularly regarding Aniston’s relationship with Brad Pitt, but Justin has recently decided to open up about the married life that he and Jennifer both share together, and things couldn’t be happier for the two.

One of the questions people have been curious about is the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, which was, by all accounts, extremely low-key. So low-key, in fact, that many aren’t aware of any of the details. But according to Justin, this is the way that the pair wanted it to be, which is why they chose to get married in secret at their home in Los Angeles in 2015, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s so much more special when it’s just your closest friends and family and it’s lovely. Aniston and I wanted it to be a peaceful environment, you don’t want it to be hectic.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica on January 17, 2016.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica on January 17, 2016. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

In fact, even Justin Theroux’s closest friends weren’t aware that he and Jennifer Aniston were planning to tie the knot when they did. Us Weekly report that in order to keep their wedding as secret as possible, Justin told his friends that he was planning his 44th birthday party and asked them to celebrate with him at the home that he shares with Jennifer.

Theroux admitted that planning their wedding in secret was more difficult than people might think and that keeping it secret for so long took away from some of the fun when he and Jennifer were planning it.

“I wouldn’t say it was fun to plan. Part of the fun of planning a wedding is telling people, and we had to keep it under wraps.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux originally met each other in 2007 when they were filming Tropic Thunder, but the pair didn’t start their courtship until 2011. In 2012, Theroux had determined that he had met the woman of his dreams and proposed to Jennifer over a romantic meal in New York City.

In keeping with their super secret wedding, life for Justin and Jennifer is also decidedly low-key. For instance, when it comes to gifts, Theroux opts for the more romantic and simple rather than the extravagant. However, just like most people, even he struggles to find the perfect gift and Aniston’s birthday is reportedly complicated by the fact that it is right after Christmas, yet before Valentine’s Day.

“It’s always a critical moment, because I have Christmas, her birthday and Valentine’s Day in pretty short order, so I start shopping in November. It’s usually something that is the easiest thing in the world — a snuggie. Or I’ll figure out something like that, something fun. I’ve given up on mass pieces of jewelry or clothes. She’s got all that. It’s usually something like an amazing pair of flip-flops, something she can get cozy with.”

As far as exaggerated reports go that say Jennifer Aniston started turning to Brad Pitt for comfort following the death of her mother in 2016, and turned away from Justin Theroux, these reports are all patently false, according to Gossip Cop. Also false are reports that Aniston is growing closer to Brad Pitt following his breakup with Angelina Jolie, as well as gossip that says Jennifer “is starting to realize that her close circle of girlfriends, like Courteney Cox, fulfills her emotional needs better than Justin does.” Gossip Cop reports that a false “source” from OK! Magazine allegedly leaked these claims, but none of them are true.

Jennifer Aniston with Justin Theroux at the Oscars in Los Angeles on August 5, 2015.
Jennifer Aniston with Justin Theroux at the Oscars in Los Angeles on August 5, 2015. [Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]

Far from their marriage being in jeopardy, Justin Theroux recently took Jennifer Aniston on a special birthday trip to Cabo, Mexico, and even made sure there was a birthday piñata for Jennifer, as Entertainment Tonight reported.

“It’s a great spot because it’s close to L.A. You can dip over there and dip back. We do special things. I did a little night for her birthday where we went to a special dinner and had a piñata.”

In the sometimes fickle world of Hollywood, are you surprised to hear how happy Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are together?

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]