Erika Jayne Admits She Knew ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Would Be ‘A Challenge’

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been making quite an impression during her stint on Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars. Recently, the popular reality star opened about up her experience on the dancing competition, and it turns out that she knew going into it that DWTS was going to be challenging. Erika opened up about her experience with Us Weekly on Saturday when she was at the GLAAD Awards in Beverly Hills.

“I love it. It’s great. It’s a challenge — every week you learn something new,” Erika sad. “You form a bond with your partner and you get out there and perform on Monday nights live.”

Anyone who has paid attention to Dancing With The Stars, and the celebrities who sign up to compete, knows that the dancing competition is very hard. Those who do sign on for the show end up rehearsing for hours on end, day after day, in order to even have a chance to win that Mirror Ball Trophy. Those celebrities who don’t put everything they have into their DWTS run usually end up getting eliminated in the first weeks of the show.

Erika Jayne understood how huge of a challenge that Dancing With The Stars would be and it looks like she was willing to face that challenge head on coming into Season 24. It looks like Erika was ready to keep up with the difficult schedule that being on DWTS can bring.

“I knew it was tough,” she said. “I knew it was going to be a challenge … I take a couple of Aleve and I’m pretty good. So far so good.”

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In true Erika Jayne fashion, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and aspiring singer made a grand entrance in her Dancing With The Stars debut with her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko. During the Season 24 premiere, Erika entered the dance floor atop a white unicorn. She came down a glittering staircase to debut a dance routine that immediately got the RHOBH star plenty of attention and criticism for being too risque.

Those who criticized Erika Jayne’s first Dancing With The Stars performance because they thought it was too raunchy should maybe check her out on YouTube. If they had, then maybe the DWTS fans would have known to expect the RHOBH star to come out on the dance floor with all her moves and probably not a lot of clothes. Erika is known for putting on quite a tantalizing performance and those familiar with her previous work were fully aware that she would be putting on a much sexier performance than many others have in the past.

Naturally, all the criticism hasn’t stopped Erika Jayne from being herself on Dancing With The Stars and her Week 2 Foxtrot wasn’t any less controversial. Jayne played up the drama, entering the second dance with a sportscar that sported a “Pretty Mess” license plate.

Unlike last season, when Amber Rose blasted Julianna Hough for her comments, it looks like the pro dancer-turned-judge likes Erika Jayne’s edginess. After finishing her Foxtrot, Hough had positive comments for the RHOBH star.

“That was, for me, the perfect balance of being your true, authentic self, and also bringing us the balance of the authentic foxtrot and the content. So for me, I absolutely loved it.”

Dancing With The Stars fans may think Erika Jayne’s performances on the show are raunchy, but they are nothing compared to her music videos and her recent performance at the GLAAD Awards. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star likes to play up her sexpot image and she uses every advantage (and every curve) in her dance routines, making her quite a sight. At least she knew going into the DWTS competion that she was going to have to put in a lot of work in order to get the routines right, something Erika seems to have taken head on and so far, despite the outrage over her raunchiness, she seems to be doing pretty well.

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