Beyonce Pregnancy Progressing Beautifully, Shown Off In New Video [Video]

Beyonce has always been beautiful, but in pregnancy she takes on an ethereal other-worldly quality that makes her absolutely breathtaking. But don’t just take our word for it, Queen Bey flaunted her pregnant bump in all its glory on Instagram. Blue Ivy and Jay-Z were also feature in some of the family pics, as they wait for the babies’ imminent arrival.

‘Pop That Thang’

Beyonce 59th Grammy Awards
Beyonce is stunning in pregnancy [Image by by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

Wearing a figure-hugging, floor-length purple dress, Beyonce embraced her growing belly for some awesome pregnancy shots, which is shown a series of photos set to The Isley Brothers’ “Pop That Thang.”

In another series of photos, Beyonce shows us that she is still the Queen of All Things Bling, which included shots of her blue ring and earrings.

First Family of Song

No doubt that Blue Ivy takes after both her parents and steals the focus from Beyonce’s pregnancy in one photo where she cuddles all of her mom and her new siblings in utero.

In a beautiful heartfelt still, Jay-Z stands by Beyonce. It is a stunning black and white photo which captures the expectant moment perfectly, standing on the cusp of new beginnings after 9 years of marriage.

Beyonce Celebrates Her Pregnancy With Her Sense Of Style

Jay-Z Beyonce at Grammys 2017
Mr. and Mrs Carter at the Grammys 2017 [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

Queen Bey also shared photos of a night out with her mother, Tina Lawson. The mother and daughter duo attended an Alvin Ailey Dance Company show. Beyonce was glammed up for the night on the town and wore a pink trench coat and heels in an elegant gold. Pregnancy has never looked better or sexier.

Similarly, at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Califormia, Beyonce was also rocking her bump. Jay-Z and his wife took their daughter to the premiere. But Beyonce wasn’t dressed in a dowdy and oversized cover-the-bump outfit. Beyonce and Blue Ivy strutted about in coordinating green outfits fit for a princess.

Is It A Girl? Is It A Boy? Maybe Both?

Since Beyonce’s epic pregnancy announcement in early February that she is expecting twins, fans have been deconstructing every picture for clues as to the sex of the babies. Beyonce has not revealed the sex of her new babies, but that still hasn’t stopped excited fans from weighing in on what they think Queen Bey is carrying.

Currently, many fans think that she is expecting two boys, as Inquisitr readers will remember. On Beyonce’s website she shared some pregnancy photos, and Beyhive members picked up that in those photos she is wearing the same earrings in a 2008 music video. Which video? The video is none other than “If I were a boy” which makes them believe that the pregnant star’s babies are twin boys. Could Beyonce have intentionally worn those earrings to try and give her fans a hint as to the babies’ sex?

While other fans believe that Beyonce is carrying girls because of the feminine feel of the video.

“Curves intact even when she’s pregnant with twins slay queen. Does this mean your having 2 daughters?”

Yet other ardent fans believe that she is expecting a pigeon pair, a boy and a girl. These fans speculate that she is pregnant with a baby from each gender because of the original pregnancy announcement. According to them, the pregnancy announcement’s clues were that the small pink bow on Beyonce’s bra represents a girl and the blue panties suggest that the other baby is a boy.

Whether the babies are boys or girls, or even one of each, they are long-awaited and they are already adored by millions around the world, besides their superstar parents Beyonce and Jay-Z. What do you think, are the babies boys or girls, or one of each?

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]