WWE News: Reason Why WWE Made Raw Tag Title A Ladder Match At ‘WrestleMania 33’

Right now, WWE Raw has a shortage of credible tag teams to compete for the title. At WrestleMania, the title will be defended via a triple threat match between champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson against challengers Enzo Amore & Big Cass and Sheamus & Cesaro. After Sheamus & Cesaro broke the streak of The New Day by winning the tag team titles, Gallows and Anderson were able to win their first tag team title in the WWE by winning at the Royal Rumble. Since then, both Enzo & Cass as well as Sheamus & Cesaro have been vying to win the titles from the former Bullet Club members.

Recently, on Raw, ladders were suddenly used during a segment between the champions and contenders while they were battling. It did not appear to have any definitive reason as to why they were used until WWE announced that the title bout will now be contested by way of a ladder match. This seemed to be done to incorporate the ladder match WWE has included on the show the past few years. However, via Dave Meltzer at WaleMania, it is potentially done to incorporate a certain “broken” team in the match.

The feel is that Matt and Jeff Hardy may be inserted into the match to add not only a more exciting feel but to shock the pro wrestling world as a result of returning to the WWE after a seven-year absence. With many surprises in store for WrestleMania, the return of the Hardy Boyz will indeed be one of them.

If the Hardys return at WrestleMania to compete in the Raw Tag Team Championship match, this will be the second ladder match of the weekend for Matt and Jeff. The previous evening, at the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor event, the Hardys defended their ROH Tag Team Championships against the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks were able to win the titles back, which prompted Matt Hardy to give a speech following the match to let Nick and Matt Jackson know that they are the best tag team that the Hardys have ever faced. Jeff Hardy gave a potentially ominous message, stating, “we’ll fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete.”

The departure of the Hardys was confirmed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as the strong feeling was that Matt and Jeff were going to be done with Ring of Honor after their match with the “Bucks of Youth.” Moreover, the Hardys appearing in the WWE would result in the brothers completely removing the “Broken” gimmick altogether.

“It is hard to believe WWE would allow the Hardys to do the gimmick if they made that settlement. Something like this has never happened where WWE used talent with a gimmick that was established as being owned by a rival wrestling company and paid a percentage of their revenue to use it. More likely, if WWE brought in the Hardys, they would change the gimmick completely, or at least enough of it to where they felt they wouldn’t infringing on it, if they felt Anthem had a case.”

Right now, it is not a matter of if, but when, Matt and Jeff Hardy will appear in a WWE ring. When both competitors able to spawn arguably the best gimmicks of their career, especially towards the conclusion of it, is a testament to their creative minds. Even if it is for a short stint, the Hardy returning to the WWE will be exciting to see. However, if they appear at WrestleMania, unfortunately, their gimmick, which caused them to be one of the most popular talents in the business, will not be following them.

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