WWE News: Enzo And Big Cass Reveal Their ‘WrestleMania’ Dream Match In Interview

On the biggest night wrestling has to offer, the WWE is getting ready to do it once again with WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. Emanating from the Camping World Stadium, WWE’s biggest and brightest stars are set to engage the WWE Universe in high-flying action, captivating moments, and jaw-dropping moves. Since the WWE’s “season” begins and ends with WrestleMania, this is the night were the biggest storylines of the year come to a climax and the victor stands tall.

In 2017, Vince McMahon has done his best to put together an outstanding card for WrestleMania. Starting from the top, Goldberg is set to defend his WWE Universal championship against Brock Lesnar in their third match. WWE fans are hopeful it doesn’t end up like WrestleMania 20, when both wrestlers phoned it in. Shane McMahon and AJ Styles will clash for the first time. Bray Wyatt defends the WWE championship against Randy Orton. Amidst all of the hype for those bouts, including Roman Reigns and the Undertaker, the Raw Tag Team championship is on-pace to bring out the most in the fans, especially due to Enzo and Big Cass.

Enzo and Big Cass cutting a promo
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The enigmatic tag team from WWE NXT will make their WrestleMania debut one year after showing up on the main roster for the first time at the post-WrestleMania Raw in 2016. They take on Sheamus and Cesaro, and Gallows and Anderson in a ladder match for the Raw Tag Team championships. Being one of the WWE’s most-popular superstars, they found a unique way to capture the minds of the WWE Universe and keep them on their toes with every word said on the microphone.

Like Snickers does every year with the WWE, they partnered with Enzo and Big Cass for WrestleMania 33. In a recent interview with SportsKeeda, Enzo and Cass talked about the first thing they’ll do when they walk out on that WrestleMania ramp and see the fans, as well as Enzo’s dream match coming true.

“We’re going to take a moment to take it all in and make sure you put that in the old memory bank and always remember that,” said Big Cass.

“Well, honestly I had a dream match I always pictured myself in a scenario where there was a ladder, and a title and WrestleMania,” Enzo Amore added.

“That, somehow, came to fruition on the last day of our rookie year. In a calendar year, the WWE, we go from WrestleMania to WrestleMania. I’ll have had an opportunity to live my dream, which is the first time ever coming out there on a microphone.”

Amore and Cass also revealed that a lot of material that is seen on television is ad-libbed. One can assume the WWE tag team has a plan for what they want to say. WWE legends, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, have pushed the idea of ad-libbing promos and saying what comes naturally. If Enzo and Cass had a script every time they appeared on television, they wouldn’t be nearly as effective, or over, as they are now.

Enzo and Cass addressing the WWE Universe
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The duo is preparing for the biggest match of their careers tonight against two formidable tag teams. Gallows and Anderson have held the Raw Tag Team championships for awhile now. With the help of dastardly tactics and an apparent intent to harm others, they look to retain their belts in their first WrestleMania match. The aforementioned teams are healthy and ready to go, while Sheamus and Cesaro are dealing with a slight ailment.

In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Sheamus hurt his eye on WWE Raw this past Monday. There hasn’t been a report saying he will miss WrestleMania. His counterpart, Cesaro, did miss WrestleMania 32, so both men will do everything they can to get ready for one of the bigger tag team matches of the year. Can Enzo and Cass walk out with their first tag team title in the WWE Sunday?

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