‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoiler: Sex Addict Scooter Blackmails Nicole

Days of Our Lives’ newcomer Scooter (Robb Derringer) is a man on a mission, and his mission is none other than ex-adult film star Nicole (Arianne Zucker), and making her submit to his blackmail requests. Spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that just as Nicole thinks that she has found love with Brady (Eric Martsolf), something sets her back. This is set to be another trying week for Nicole, as her past comes back to haunt her.

Spoiler Alert: Unless you want all the titillating, hot facts that are about to play out on Days of Our Lives it’s best you stop reading right here.

Scooter: Professor, Husband, and Sex Addict

Meet Scooter. To the world he is the devoted husband to nosy Hillary, and a suave and intelligent professor. But scratch a little deeper and you’ll discover that underneath the charming exterior is a predator waiting to pounce.

Having met his neighbor Nicole, Scooter knew that he had met her somewhere before. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Scooter actually recognizes her as Misty Circle, from her time as an adult film star, according to our Inquisitr scoop. Scooter is a sex addict and thus frequents sites which Nicole thought were long gone in her past.

Nicole’s Adult Film Star Past Threatens To Sour Her Future With Brady And Holly

DOOL Nicole Scooter
Nicole is in a panicked state because she believes Scooter recognized her from her days as a porn star [Image by NBC]

Nicole’s sixth sense was right and Scooter was not to be trusted. When Scooter met Nicole, he had the feeling that he knew her. Nicole brushed it off as having one of those faces. But when Hillary confessed that her husband, Scooter, had a adult entertainment problem, Nicole realized that he may have recognized her from her days in that industry. Having found out that he was an avid internet adult entertainment user, she told Brady that Scooter may recognize her from the days she used to work in the adult entertainment industry as Misty Circle. Brady brushed it off and told Nicole not to panic.

Scooter stopped at nothing and told Brady that he knew who Nicole was. Brady thought that Scooter was referring to Nicole’s adult film star past. Little did he know that Scooter already had a plan to get Nicole exactly where he wanted her.

What Does Scooter Have On Nicole To Blackmail Her With?

When Brady went on an outing without Nicole, Scooter seized the opportunity to make his sick fantasies a reality.

Scooter was determined to find out all he could about “Bridgette” and found out that she was actually Nicole, and the real reason that she was using an alias. He wielded the power of a mother’s love for her daughter, so that she would submit to his dark fantasies. He told Nicole that he knew that she kidnapped Holly and that he would expose her if she didn’t fulfill his sexual fantasies.

Does Nicole Give In To Scooter’s Sick Demands?

Nicole was livid when Scooter tried to blackmail her. Days of Our Lives fans may remember that when Nicole first came to Salem she had just left the adult film scene that her father forced her into. She came to Salem as a humble waitress and fell in love with Eric. As far as Nicole is concerned, that part of her life is over.

Now, just as her life was about to get on track, Scooter was threatening to derail it. She lashed out at Scooter but he insisted that he wanted to fulfill some of his fantasies with her, or else she could lose Holly. Spoiler information further reveals that Nicole does not want to acquiesce to Scooter’s whims and demands and turns to Brady, because she feels backed into a corner.

Eric Martsolf at Wicked Opening 2014
Days of Our Lives Star 'Brady' Eric Martsolf at the opening of Wicked [Image by GPTCW/STAR MAX/IPX]

Brady Has Nicole’s Back, But Is It Enough?

Nicole is so lucky to have Brady in her corner. Her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue and confronts Scooter. He threatens to expose Scooter’s actions to Hillary. Hillary has made it crystal clear that the only reason she tolerates Scooter’s adult entertainment use, is that she won’t put up with him cheating.

Who will emerge victorious? Will Nicole and Brady have to flee with Holly again? Or will Scooter back down for fear that his wife learns of his intended infidelity?

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