Animal Adventure Park Live Giraffe Cam: Could Yard Time Help April Give Birth?

April Fool’s Day has come and gone, and Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam is still showing April the Giraffe very much pregnant. That should prove to one and all that her pregnancy isn’t an elaborate April Fools’ joke, but people are still wondering as they always are — when will April give birth to her fourth calf?

Yesterday, it became clear from the park’s evening update that the viral mother giraffe wouldn’t be having an April Fools’ Day baby, just as many had hoped. As viewers stayed glued to Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam, the Harpursville, N.Y., park announced that it had just launched a Labor Alert and Baby Update text system and that people can now subscribe to the service to get April the Giraffe updates via text as well as exclusive photos and videos of April, her partner Oliver, and their calf, from labor through May 31. According to the text alert’s official website, users have to pay a one-time charge of $4.99, exclusive of possible mobile carrier charges, to subscribe to the updates.

Aside from that, Animal Adventure Park explained that with April having calmed down as of yesterday evening, an April Fools’ Day birth was effectively out of the question. However, the park noted that April continued to show signs of being close to active labor, or in simpler terms, about ready to give birth to a newborn calf. AAP stressed that despite her situation, April is “comfortable, confident, and (composed)” in her current situation.

“April continues to ignore her grain, zones in and out of awareness, exhibits soft contraction indications, and is even producing manure size and consistency hinting of a birth – though we are not yet in what we will call ‘active labor.'”

For this morning’s April the Giraffe update on Facebook, Animal Adventure Park reported that April remains largely uninterested in food, with increased discharge and full udders among the continuing signs that active labor may be imminent. AAP added that with temperatures having risen from the 30s to 50s, that may mean more yard time for April and Oliver, and the hope is that this time outside will “shake” things up for April as she prepares to give birth.

Animal Adventure Park also talked about the aforementioned text alert system, stating that they’re still receiving and processing subscriptions to the service. There were some users who may have had issues signing up to the service due to heavy traffic, but AAP assured people that they’ll be working on sorting those issues out.

“Rest assured we have a team dedicated to fixing those issues today! We will get back to your inquiries! We have you covered and have got your backs!”

Although the coverage given to April the Giraffe has arguably been unprecedented, she won’t be the first mother giraffe whose labor would be captured via live stream. The Dallas Zoo’s Katie the Giraffe gave birth to a six-foot-tall calf in April 2015, with the birth streamed by Animal Planet and captured by 10 cameras. According to CNN, it wasn’t sure at first how many people were watching as Katie gave birth to her calf, but to put things in perspective, Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam regularly attracts over a 100,000 viewers during certain parts of the day. As of 9:10 a.m. Eastern time today, there are more than 151,000 viewers currently watching AAP’s giraffe cam.

If you’re waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth, make sure you’re glued to the official Animal Adventure Park live giraffe cam, as shown above. We’ll continue to give you up-to-date coverage on April’s pregnancy, and just as always, we’re hoping it goes through successfully and without any hitches or complications.

[Featured Image by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]