Blac Chyna’s Bid To Adopt Kardashian Name Officially Denied

Blac Chyna will not be able to adopt Rob Kardashian’s last name, after all.

TMZ broke the news that Chyna’s bid to become a Kardashian has been denied by the Kardashian sisters — Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. The three K sisters reportedly filed legal documents on December 1 to put a stop to Blac Chyna’s attempt to adopt the official name Angela Renee Kardashian.

It looks like the Kardashian sisters don’t want Chyna to profit off their family name even if she and Rob Kardashian are set to be married soon, not to mention that they already have a daughter using the Kardashian name.

According to E! News, the sisters’ move to block Blac Chyna from adopting the Kardashian name wasn’t on account of a personal grudge against the exotic performer. They reportedly said that they filed the docs to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

The companies who signed the documents didn’t pull any punches in lambasting Chyna, saying that she is “deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity” of the Kardashian name. According to the docs, the companies affiliated with the Kardashian estate believe that allowing Chyna to trademark the last name will cause “damage, including irreparable injury, to their reputation and goodwill.”

“Their trademark attorneys automatically oppose anyone trying to trademark ‘Kardashian,'” a family source said. “I doubt the girls were even aware.”

“Everyone loves each other,” the source continued. “It’s just business.”

Chyna chose not to respond, but didn’t retract her bid to adopt the Kardashian name.

Months before she gave birth to Dream, Chyna filed to trademark the name Angela Renee Kardashian.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renee White, was reportedly planning to launch “entertainment services, make television and movie appearances, live as a ‘social media celebrity,’ as well as party host,” under the new name.

Chyna, however, has another ace up her sleeve if she is harboring any plans of becoming a Kardashian in the near future: marrying Rob Kardashian. Once the pair gets married (which is bound to happen soon since they’re engaged), Rob could easily give Blac the key to the Kardashian empire.

Of course, Kris Jenner may have something to say about that. As Kardashian momager, she basically pulls all the strings, and no one will be the least surprised if Chyna never gets to adopt the Kardashian name (at least on the business side of things) if she and Rob eventually get married.

On the positive side, TMZ reports that Blac Chyna is getting along well with the Kardashian family despite their legal battles concerning the family brand name. Of course, this could be attributed to the fact that she gave birth to another Kardashian — Dream.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, however, have had a tumultuous relationship so far.

The couple got engaged in April last year after a three-month romance. They broke up in February, and around that time Chyna moved out of the home they shared together, taking their 4-month-old daughter with her.

A Snapchat video of the two taken on Saturday seems to confirm that the two have reconciled.

At present, Blac Chyna is facing another legal battle, this time against ex Tyga, accusing him of not paying child support for their 4-year-old son Cairo.

Blac Chyna and son King Cairo arrive at the Kids' Choice Awards. [Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]

The barely comprehensible and expletive-filled Snapchat post reads as follows.

“It’s funny now to me!!! But when Tyga and side n***a kicked me out!!! And they wanted to see me fail! lol…

“And 2 grind from the dirt!!!!! No child support!

“N**** is like h**s! So imma treat u like that! Not paying Jenny! Wow… (sic)

“Stop running to ur money! Telling my business about King! I bet any money! I got more money then ur account Tyga, Michael!!!! (sic)

“So go tell Kylie, and Rob! About our son Account! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting ur f** a**! But u wanna make it like I want u lol! (sic)”

[Featured Image by Raoul Gatchalian/AP Images]