‘New York Post’ App Hacked: Sends ‘Heil President Donald Trump…Selah’ [Photos]

The New York Post’s push alerts were hacked, and the mobile app of the New York Post sent out some pretty crazy tweets that people have saved via screenshot images and reposted online, as seen below. One of those hacked app updates reads, “Heil President Trump.”

As seen in the photos below, the New York Post sent messages about the generosity of spirit and sharpness of mind, claiming that salvation for the New York Post app reader was in reach. There was also an ominous message about grave sins, happening after someone cast truth into the darkness of their shadow, at least according to the hacker. Unusual updates like that from the New York Post had folks guessing that they’d been hacked, with people posting the screenshot photos from their mobile devices to a variety of places online, including the New York Post’s own Twitter account.

After the unusual messages began appearing on notification screens of folks who’d signed up to receive the mobile app updates from the New York Post, the publication took to their own Twitter account to apologize for the crazy updates that are now going viral online.

Folks who were able to catch more of the screenshots were able to post the types of things that the New York Post app sent out, as seen below. One update read, “With Lucid Love, Selah,” borrowing a word from the Bible when it oftentimes mentions “Selah,” which means to pause and consider something deeply. Other updates via the hacked New York Post borrowed lyrics from Nirvana, whilst others urged listeners to hear since the hacker spoke “as an angel in the words of God.”

As reported by the Associated Press, the hacked New York Post alerts published lyrics from Nirvana’s song “Come As You Are.”

“Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, but don’t be late…”

With the New York Post being owned by Trump-friendly media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the irony in the hacker’s updates to the app aren’t being lost on everyone that the hacker would use such language coupled with President Trump’s name.

The hacked New York Post app updates seemed to come at a rapid clip, with the above photo showing the updates happening within minutes of one another.

Reactions to the hacking of the New York Post app are plentiful on social media. Some of the comments that the New York Post is receiving on Twitter in the wake of the hacking of their app feature people joking about the Russians being behind the hacking. Others quip and ask the New York Post why anyone would read their app updates. Yet and still others call the hacker’s updates the best thing the New York Post has ever written.

“Compromised. Yeah ok…wink-wink.”

“The White House has been compromised.”

“конечно. Of course. (Translated from Russian.)”

“At least you apologized for it.”

“Does this mean you will take the Russian hacking of our election seriously now??”

“Russian bots at it again…..you guys need to wake the heck up.”


“April Fools’ Day?”

“The New York Post’s push alerts just got real dark.”

New York Post app been hacked on April Fools’ Day, sending out push alert notifications that included, ‘Heil President Donald Trump.'”

People have continued to joke with the New York Post and publish memes that claim the New York Post wasn’t hacked at all, and that it was all a big April Fools’ Day joke. Some of the comments being published online about the hacking of the New York Post mobile app can be read above.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]