WWE News: Former TNA Champion Drew McIntyre Officially Signs With WWE NXT

At WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando, former TNA World Champion Drew Galloway showed up and now it appears that he is returning to the WWE full-time. He went under his real name when he left WWE years ago, but before he did, Drew McIntyre had promise as an up-and-coming WWE Superstar. He won both the WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships in his time with WWE. However, he ended up getting involved in jobber group 3MB.

The group included Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and of course Drew McIntyre. Everyone knew how good Drew was, and that he deserved more at the end of the day. Sadly, he never got it and decided to leave WWE and move on to TNA Wrestling. It was there that he proved his worth yet again. He would eventually go over to Europe and work the independent scene there, specifically with ICW.

McIntyre found that he could get over very well on his own and that he could become a singles star wherever he had a chance to show it. It made sense when he left TNA officially earlier in the year that he might consider a return to the WWE. It appears that was the plan, as Triple H ended up re-signing Drew McIntyre recently. Drew himself confirmed the news to WWE.com on Saturday night once the show concluded.

This was the report made by WWE late Saturday night in their confirmation of Drew McIntyre returning to WWE.

Drew Galloway
[Image by TNA Wrestling]

“Former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has returned with his eye locked firmly on the NXT Championship. In the midst of NXT TakeOver: Orlando, rumors instantly began to circulate when the ‘Sinister Scotsman’ was spotted watching the live WWE Network event very closely from his seat in the capacity crowd. But speculation instantly dissipated when McIntyre revealed to ESPN that he has signed as NXT’s newest Superstar.

“This huge news immediately conjures thoughts of dream showdowns between the hard-hitting McIntyre and the NXT roster’s elite. And judging by the reaction of the NXT Universe when he was shown donning a sly smile in attendance, fans were certainly excited by the prospect of him stepping through the yellow ropes very soon.”

Seeing Drew McIntyre return to WWE is terrific, but the biggest thing is that he is returning to WWE NXT and not the main roster. This is especially big knowing that he has been a champion there, yet would work on the yellow brand instead. WWE is known for using stars weirdly at times, but this might actually be a good plan at the end of the day for Drew McIntyre.

WWE NXT needs someone to replace some of the top names that are needed on the main roster. Drew McIntyre could easily replace someone like Shinsuke Nakamura, who after his loss at NXT Takeover to Bobby Roode could be heading to the main roster as soon as this week on either Monday or Tuesday. On top of this, people like The Revival and even Tye Dillinger and Asuka will be headed up soon as well.

Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover
[Image by WWE]

Adding Drew McIntyre is just a small step to a bigger direction for WWE NXT who needs someone like McIntyre to really get moving as a top brand that can stand alongside WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live as being just as important. Obviously, NXT is where the younger or newer stars go to get acquainted with the WWE style and learn how to work in an environment like the WWE.

However, WWE is also smart in how they use the brand. The creative side of the brand is done by Triple H, meanwhile, the training of the stars is done by some amazing former wrestlers. They are learning from the greats and then getting a great creative mind to help them do well. This made the brand very hot, and now it is a huge touring brand that sells out as many places as it goes as any main roster brand.

Obviously losing top stars is going to hurt the brand, so the fact that Triple H was able to get Drew McIntyre to agree to not go to the main roster right away but rather work with WWE NXT first to help that brand is huge. He knows the style and knows how to work well wit the people there already. He is simply there to help the brand. McIntyre could very well end up being great, and the brand could continue to grow with his usage as either a heel or face.

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